Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did You Ever Noticed ...

... how insanely ridiculous the amount of stuff you need to take with you on an overnight stay with the in-laws when you have a baby?

I never did, until this weekend, that is.

Boy, oh boy... no baru balik kg, camne plak kalo nk gi UK nanti? I shudder to even think...

Last Row
L-R: Beg berisi toto and bantal Aisyah, my trusty Spectra3 and the tupperware I use to sterilise stuff in, beg hijau tu berisi baju2 and pampers Aisyah, plastik putih tu sedikit buah tgn from my mom to Hub's mom, then mangkuk tingkat, and finally our bag yg berisi baju aku n Hubs

Middle Row
L-R: Beg pink to beg jalan2 Aisyah yg berisi 3 diapers, sapu tangan, wipers, etc (emergency baby essentials utk jln yg dekat2), beg hitam kecik sebelah tu adalah my insulated bag yg berisi ice packs utk aku bawa pulang EBM dari kg ke KL balik

Front Row
L-R: Besen mandi si kecik tuh

Fuh berpeluh beb nak angkat semua... (Hubs la yg berpeluh, aku angkat Aisyah je... ngehehe...)

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