Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aisyah Shopping Lagi

Smlm aku, Aisyah and my mom gi shopping. Cari kain utk wat baju raya. I know, I know, dah x de tukang jahit nak amik tempahan, but I was pregnant before and wasn't sure what my post partum size would be so tangguh punya tangguh punya tangguh sampai smlm. Luckily, I have an aunt who can sew so I'm going to ask a favor from my aunt la nak mintak tolong dia jahitkan.

Aisyah was a star all the time we were there. She sat in her carseat like a good little girl on the way there. Even better, she slept in her stroller without any problem for most part of the trip. I guess she enjoys shopping as much as her mom and grandma, hehe! We'll definitely be taking her again on the next shopping trip, the angel that she is :)

I begin to love her stroller now. Bulky as it is, it doubles up as a shopping trolley for us, and we were happy we didn't need to carry those heavy stuff (fabric, some groceries, baby items, new pair of shoes, etc) by hand. Hence, yesterday was a better shopping experience in general.

Oh, except for the nursing/changing room. I was a little grossed out. It wasn't filthy, just that the changing tables didn't look too sanitary, not to mention that the room was so further away from the shops, it crept me out. We went in, did our thing and on our way out as quickly as we came in. Even Aisyah didn't think it was very pleasant, she only nyusu'ed for 5 mins before she stopped. Then when my mom n I had lunch at Kenny Roger's, she squirmed and screamed in her stroller and demanded to be fed right there and then. I guess she figured that it's only fair for her to have lunch where the adults are having theirs. In a cozy, comfy n clean restaurant, instead of a dingy, toilet smelling nursing room. Now that's a girl with class, my Aisyah... :)

Luckily I brought along 3 oz of EBM with me, so there was no shirt lifting action necessary:) She took the bottle, albeit a little relunctantly coz it was slowly turning cold even when kept in her insulated warmer bag.

I wonder if Malaysians care if a mom chooses to nurse her baby in public. Like in a restaurant. Or in the park. Y'know, in emergency situations. Would we be stared at? Scoffed? Scolded? Coz there's nothing to it really, you pop one boob out and quickly stuff it in the baby's mouth. It's pretty subtle and discreet. But I'm not sure if it's acceptable here. Some might think it's an offense, some say unhygenic. What do you think?


Lia Sakinah said...

In case u don't know, majalah Pa&Ma bulan Ogos discusses bfeed issue in public so much. Maybe Noris boleh dpt inspirasi pas baca isu2 yg diorang kupas psl EBF ni. ;-)

Oyis said...

tu la, ada member suh cari majalah ni. kita aje giler busy lately, kuar tu mmg kuar, tp x nyinggah kedai. today mesti beli ni, huh. thx lia.

EyesOfNabil said...

huhu..ape nih...kat pintu masuk jusco part barang baby tu kan ade kedai majalah ^_^

btw, i think ppl won't mind if u bf ur baby...unless la u bare it all mcm porn star la kan (or like that seksi woman from me, myself n irene)..then it will something else ^_^

this is from a guy p.o.v lah.

Oyis said...

appreciate the input, nabil. nak tau jugak what guys think psl isu ni :)

Oyis said...

btw, x pernah perasan magazine stand tu. laju je masuk ke tempat baby hehe

EyesOfNabil said...

dia kat pintu masuk sblh tepi tu lah..sblh ATM n kedai gunting 15min tu ^_^