Saturday, December 3, 2016

Weekend Chores

Tgh melatih anak dara nan sorg ni buat kerja rumah. Dah boleh harap utk vacuum, sapu rumah, lap meja makan, lipat dan gantung baju sendiri masuk wardrobe dan cuci pinggan (tp still monitor lg yg nih sbb dia sibuk main air). Mandikan adik dan pakaikan baju adik pun dah lepas. Kemas tempat tidur dan cuci bilik air ni kena supervise, kalau tak cakap, tak berapa rajin nak buat. Hmmm...

Friday, December 2, 2016

Lego,Dulu dan Kini

Aku baru perasan yg Lego yg dulu bukanlah yg skrg...Skrg saiz dah kecik2 dan dah ada blueprint utk siapkan projek apa. Tak mcm kita kecik2 dulu, blok2 segi empat tepat tu je la dan ikut pandai imaginasi sendiri la nak bina apa atau mcm mana gaya. Boleh main ulang2... Endless hours of quiet fun.

Skrg bila goal-oriented, dgn mak pak skali terpaksa terbabit sama jd engineer jd arkitek tak bertauliah dan tak bergaji. Terkeruk2 la nak ikut manual dia yg lg payah nak follow daripada manual Ikea tuh. Plak tu, once dh achieve goal tu, dah siap tersergam indah binaannya, bdk2 ni jd malas nak buka semula. Diorg biar je jadi display. Tak main2 dah. Pastu minta set yg lain plak. Ewah... byk korg punya cantik. Ni saja cara Lego nak up kan sales la ni. Kalo dulu dah sudah main buka balik simpan dalam kotak sbb tak sayang sgt sbb buruk pun binaan tu. Nak kata rumah, mmg tak rupa rumah, cuma dlm imaginasi kita je la dah jd ala2 rumah. So no hal cabut dan simpan. Kang lenkali nak main bina la benda lain plak, or repeat balik from memory binaan hari tu. Ni tidak. Dah la Lego dia skang ada mcm2 tema - Superhero la, Frozen la. Nanges nak ikut citarasa budak2 nih.

Pastu bila saiz kecik, byk je part yg hilang. Brp byk yg sudah kena sedut dgn vacuum Mummy? Pastu bila kecik benau, mmg ada je kes terpijak. Tp mcm semut api la jg. Nama je kecik tp sakit wooo... Ni marah ni dgn Lego nih.

Sorry this is a rant. Sebetulnya baru perasan isu nih sbb selama ni beli set Duplo je utk bdk2 nih. Diorg nya taste dah evolve ke something yg lebih 'finer'.... Haih la...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Aku Saja

Tgh layan jem dalam hujan sesambil ajak anak2 menyanyi (utk elak ngantuk). Bagi Aisyah yg control pilihan lagu di phone. Lepas habis satu lagu, Mummy pun request lah...

Mummy: Cari lagu 'Pencuri' by Mark Adams plak, Kakak

Aisyah: Tak nak lah lagu Mummy pilih tu. Nak lagu AKU SAJA

Berderau darah Mummy. Sejak bila pandai ckp 'Aku' dgn org tua ni

Mummy: Apa Aisyah cakap?

Aisyah: Alaaa... lagu AKU SAJA yg Ainan Tasneem nyanyi tu..

Mummy: Ooo... tu lagu 'KAMU SAJA' la Aisyah, bukan 'AKU SAJA'

Pergh.. nyaris kena marah dgn Mummy satu round dah. Nasib baik salah faham cpt dirungkaikan.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Best Mother-in-Law Ever

It's been a week since Mak left us.

It's been pretty tough. It doesn't matter that we're all in our thirties, fourties. A loss of a mother is the hardest hit. In the span of three years, I've lost both my mom (Umi) and my MIL (Mak). It is very, very sad. Especially since most of my friends around still have both Moms actively around in their lives. Holidays (like right now) are the hardest. Witnessing on FB everyone's happy moments with their complete set of family members without a smidge of envy is a huge challenge. I must remember that Allah loves both of my Moms more and there are reasons why things happen as they do.

In this entry, I'd like to cherish what Mak meant to me. 

My relationship with Mak has been somewhat different from the relationship that I had had with my own Umi. Mak was a more traditional type - she was not the huggy, kissy, touchy, feely type like Umi was. Nor was she the joking poking kind (again, like Umi was, haha). And as a daughter in law, I suppose I was more guarded and behaved more conservatively when she was around - out of respect, as most Malaysian girls are brought up to. But I'm not here to do a direct a comparison of the two mothers. Because Umi was Umi and Mak was Mak.

And Mak was the best MIL for me. 
She was always laid back and relaxed, and let us younglings figured things out ourselves. 
She gave us space to know our errors and learn from it. Even if Hubs and I argued, she would not pick sides (ok, sometimes she would side with me, but that's because the wife is almost always right, right?). 
She was never a meddler (ever) but would give the right advice when solicited. 
If there was anything she was unhappy with me, I certainly never heard it from anyone else - she would tactfully talk to me about it. 
She was very forgiving to have a DIL who neither possessed any cooking skills nor do all things kampungs (I'm sorry, but it is the truth especially at the beginning of our married life tee hee).
She was never a laser-mouth (a label given to those who are sharp tongued), even when most of her siblings were (mostly in a joking manner, but Boy, did I hate those digs dished out at me at weddings or other family functions). 
She never once pressured us into giving her grandchildren (we had waited whilst I was finishing my Master degree -  not all MIL in Malaysia can practice this openly). 
She supported our decision to move temporarily to the UK whilst I did my PhD, even if it meant taking her granddaughter away from her for a good four years. 
She probably didn't have a clue what a PhD was, much less viva voce, but I am very certain that it was her prayers (along with the prayers of others) that got me through it all successfully in the end (and all the other successes in life thus far).

There's just so many other things that made Mak special and I love her for them all.

I hope that one day I will be as cool as Mak was with my daughter in law (whoever that is written to be). I pray this as I stare at Zayd who is currently playing the dinosaur game on the lappy beside me in his jammers, whilst singing 'Lompat si Katak Lompat', oblivious to the emotions his Mummy is going through.

Semoga Mak aman di sana.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Pemergian Mak

21 November 2016. 5.40 am.

A date which all of us as a family will remember for a very long time. 

My mother-in-law, Siti Haji Ali, passed away on this date, at the said time. She was 68. She is survived by a husband, three daughters, two sons, and eleven granchildren - all of whom loved her very, very much.

Mak, as I had fondly called her, had been a stroke patient survivor. It wasn't stroke that took her life away, but several complications which probably had been caused by renal failures. Mak didn't get to do dialysis, for the risks outweighed the benefits (in her case). It was very sad to see her condition slowly deteriorating, and although we knew the inevitable was imminent, it was still a shock to see her go. I guess this is true for any departure.

Mak took her last breath at Along's house in Kluang. Although I wasn't by her side when she passed, Hubs, Abah (my FIL, her husband), and Along's family were there during her last moments. She was well taken care of throughout her illness, something that I highly admire in Hubs. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, I got to see her a day before she passed (I drove to Kluang that weekend), and she was in a conscious state for that one moment (she had drifted in and out of consciousness previously). She looked me right in the eye, and we spoke, kissed and seeked forgiveness for all of our wrongdoings towards one another (she didn't do anything wrong to me really, I was the one who sinned a lot, I suppose). She truly looked like she was getting better that day, which was why Hubs had advised me to drive back home without worry and things will be taken care of. Little did we know that in twelve hours time, Mak would meet her Creator. I've heard stories from others where by sometimes, just before someone passes over, there seems to be a moment of peace and calm, and it looks like things are going uphill (the sick will start gaining his/her appetite again, or talking, or acting cheerful, etc), only to be rapidly rolling downhill soon after. But whatever that has happened has been set by Allah, and we accept it with Redha in our hearts.

Mak was buried at Perkuburan Batu 6 Bakri, Muar right after Solat Zuhur. She was loved by many and memories of her will forever be cherished. Semoga Allah menempatkan Mak di kalangan org2 yang beriman. 

Sayang Mak.