Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kiss More

Ahmad Zayd Alhadi is going on four this year. Alhamdulilah... he speaks very clearly since he was two (talking is his gift, I believe), but there are some words which he still mispronounce and I just refuse to correct him just yet because I find them too cute. One of them is 'Chipsmore' (as in the cookie). It just makes me all buttery inside when he says, 
"Mummy, Abang nak KISSMORE".

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Impart Depart

Yesterday afternoon (8 January 2017 - a Sunday!) I had to be on invigilating duty. My own paper, SKM4311 (Animation for Multimedia Production) was on, and apparently it was the last exam paper scheduled for this semester. Tried to convert the solid two hours of utter silence into something useful such as reviewing postgrad students' written work and the Final Year Project students' theses (but two hours was not enough). Who says lecturer goyang kaki saja? Weekend pun kena kerja tau T_T

Towards the end of the two hours nobody had left the exam hall (it was a handful paper, I admit). Which was quite a coincidence, as one of the students put up his hand and whispered to me if I could take a pic of them in the exam hall - one last time. Then it dawned upon me, these were final year students, sitting their very last paper EVER, in their whole career as an undergraduate student. I obliged, seeing the significance of the moment. And of course, me being me, I went a bit further and asked them all for an impromptu pic session outside of the building right after the exam finished.

So here we are. The SKM4311 students of Semester 1 2016/17. Multimedia students Cohort 2013/2014. The next time I'll see them, they will be in shirt and ties, in a much more formal setting, doing their Industrial Practice outside of UPM. Hopefully I have managed to impart some useful knowledge to them, before they depart to face the real world and the challenges it will bring.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Don't Hug Him, Hug Me

This happened last Sunday. This is Aisyah. Pulling a sour face. Because she got jealous of that bear hug Ayah is giving Zayd who was barely awake enough for breakfast.

She's 8, going on 9, and is still jealous of her 3 year-old-brother over a hug. Like seriously???!!  <--- btw.="" currently="" expression="" fav="" her="" nbsp="" p="">
Oh great, now because of the title, I can't get the hippy tune 'Don't Marry Her, Have Me' song out of my head.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Drive Out, Drive In

We spend an average of 2 hours on the road, daily. That's a lot of commuting time. It shocks me, really, now that I see it in numbers. So, today I am posting a pic of us driving out, and driving back in. Just a typical day. Except on the way back it was raining heavily for a bit, and then a rainbow appeared. And then I found myself singing to Iz kamakawiwo╩╗ole's rendition of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' whilst stuck in the traffic. Then when I switched off the car engine and turned around to the kids, I saw that they were both sound asleep. Such a lullaby singer, me.
Enough ramblings. You can tell I'm a bit dry on ideas now, right? Haha

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Little Artsy Fartsy

Aisyah is such an artsy fartsy kinda girl. Here is her, sewing a felt Monkey. She is totally in her elements when she is doing crafts. Which is the complete opposite of me. I am a total klutz, and not nearly as coordinated enough to do crafts. Drawing and sketching, I can relate, but sewing, and knitting, and origami??? (Aisyah's fav, that).

Well, let's just agree that she has her late Nek Mi's talents. Which skipped a generation (read: me).

But seriously, Aisyah's pic here sewing reminds me a lot of my late Mom. She was a seamstress, and so many nights were spent in the same position as Aisyah here. Bent over the fabric, patiently, yet so gracefully pulling the needle and thread through. 

God, how I miss her.