Saturday, February 6, 2010

Medley of Things

This post is a medley of things, hence the title. A lot of it is on food, but most of it is about the itty bitty things we did for the past few days. So kalo x interesting tu, paham2 je la...

On Thursday I made Nasi Ayam, with Sambal Udang, just the way Hubs had asked. He was missing his mom's cooking, so gamble je la, sedap ke x sedap ke, sama ke lain ke, asal jadi. I just had to take shot of this bcoz I thought the medley of colours were nice cakap aje la ko nak tayang ko terror masak nasik ayam kan

On Friday, Hubs and Aisyah came to visit me at the Lab after Jumaat prayers. I took them out to lunch at the Portland Cafe at UoP, and we had nice herbs and chillies jacket potatoes.

Later that night, feeling a bit lazy, I cooked Pasta Bolognaise, topped with loads of salads and Red Leicester cheese. I also served it with Bruschetta as our appetizer. Ok la, bruschetta tu hanya lah x lebih drpd roti baguette letak dgn topping spt cheese or salad or whatever then dibakar or grill, tp kasi chance la aku merasa perasan ala2 chef dlm gourmet restaurant ok?

On Saturday we heard that the Carboot Sale has re-opened, and since it was so sunny out, we went there.

Bought a few things for Aisyah, namely her toys..

And clothes that were as good as new...

And later had lunch at Cafe Galleria. We had the Brunch Set, Eggs on Toast with side salad for GBP3.45

And for his growing love in golf, Hubs bagged this - a spanking new, still in box, unopened plastic cover, thing-a-ma-bob. Must be someone's unwanted Xmas gift,m but it's good for him to practice his chipping skills. What a bargain!

To which Aisyah had quickly called 'dibs' to. Suddenly she has also shown a growing interest in golf as well... Ah.. like father, like daughter sungguh...

PS: All items shown costs 50 pence each, even the 4 pieces of clothings! We are such good hagglers. Shows that good things don't necessarily need to be pricey :)


Ammi Sara said...

Bestnyer g kabut sale aishah, mcm2 borong yek, kat aussie dl it was called garage sales coz buat kat frontyard/garage org.

Sometimes ada kabut dipanggil sunday market, half kabut, half fruit/veggie market.enjoy it while it last :-)

noris said...

oo ye ke? x kira la garage sale ke, carboot sale ke, janji dpt brg berkualiti pd harga murah (and mengisi aktiviti di hari mggu), dah cukup suka!