Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland in Plymouth?

Smlm kan baru ckp nothing interesting ever happens kat ceruk Plymouth ni kan?

Well, tu sblm teringat yg Alice in Wonderland ada buat shooting kat Plymouth, you alls, of all places. Kat Antony House, Torpoint, utk scene minum ptg at Mad Hatter's Party. Even the 250 or so extras tu pon amik org2 Plymouth jgk. Alice in Wonderland 2010 tu baru aje premiering smlm kat Leicester Square, and will hit the cinemas on March 5 di UK and USA. X de sebab pon patut bergumbira sbb nothing concerning me, but as Plymouthian (chewah dan2 ngaku), harus la berbangga sket ngan kawasan molek kaya dgn keindahan alam semulajadi ciptaan Allah ni kan heheheh... *kembang kempis idung jd Plymouthian*

Antony House

Ni excerpt drpd berita The Plymouth Herald, dated September 2008 masa shooting tu tgh dibuat. I wasn't even in Plymouth then! kalo x harus nampak muka aku menempel jadi extra gak

"... Meanwhile, at Antony House filming has started and has already been creating a buzz of activity at the historic site. For the coming weeks more than 250 extras, from Plymouth and surrounding areas, will be dressing up and acting in scenes under the expert hand of Tim Burton.

And yesterday The Herald visited the set to catch a glimpse of tinseltown’s adopted home.

Surrounded by women wearing the period costume, complete with corsets, wigs and bonnets, it was The Herald photographer and I that looked out of place in the grounds of Antony House.

Walking down the long and winding road towards Antony House you could imagine what attracted the gothic-inspired director to the setting.

Ancient oak trees overarch the stretch blocking out the sunlight.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the film set further down the road, the estate’s silence is deathly.

Upon reaching Antony House itself you immediately realise the grand scale of the production. Between 600 and 700 people, ranging from actors, extras, cameramen and production staff, are believed to be operating at the site. Hundreds of cars park in a field converted to a make-shift car park. Adjacent to them are large trailers presumably used for wardrobe fittings and catering and hospitality.

Big, burly – but nonetheless friendly – security guards line the site like a human brick wall.

Despite the disappointment over Depp, looking at the set and those involved you can see that the local economy has to be a winner in all of this. Countless taxis and catering companies are present at the site, and all the actors and production staff involved are presumably staying and dining locally.

While Disney will no doubt add its own glitz and glamour to the scenes, you have to admit Tinseltown’s visit is a great advert for what we have on our own doorstep.

Alice in Wonderland, which is due for release in 2010, will be shown in 3-D and will see Australian newcomer Mia Wasikowska play the part of Alice...."

Very the hypeeee one kan? So when you are seated in the cinema and enjoying the scenes in Alice in Wonderland, sila2 la ingat kat Oyis di Plymouth ye? Hehe..

Oh dah hampir sunset. Masa utk berbuka posa!!!

Tomorrow Music Festival akan start dgn rasminya. At sun rise (7.30 a.m) please make myself available utk Sunlight Symphony. Ni konsert yg mana muzik adalah dimainkan oleh matahari. As the light hits the windows that are equipped with sensors, music will be played, but the intensity and layers of sounds tu ditentukan oleh cahaya matahari. Very interesting concept!

Other musical events I want to attend:

5.30 pm: Launch
6.30 pm: Concert & Film (As Scored By Antonino Chiaramonte)

3.00 pm: Concert (Dirty Electronic)
4.00 pm: Concert (Interface III) <--- ahli Lab aku perform
7.30 pm: Concert (Ten Tors Orchestra) <--- hajat je la, x tau dpt ke x dah lewat

2.00 pm: Demonstration (Singing Robots)
6.00 pm: Concert (Electroshop)

Of course in between time yg aku catat ni pon ada event and other concerts, right up to 9 pm everyday, but kena select2 je la, x dpt gi semua bcoz of family and other commitments. Pastu next week plak ada perjumpaan ngan SV and Co-SV hari Wednesday. Yikes!


isabelle said...

bestnya living in an eventful place.
wish i were there.

Oyis said...

eventful ke? hai la, kalo la tahu hakikat sebenarnya... :p

Maslina Zolkepli said...

saya da benda lah nak tanya. do you still pump ebm for aisyah? cukup ke tak sbb kak noris pegi lab lama mcm org keja jugak kan. 8 hours. camane?

saya ni... tak lama lagi dah nak kerja.. mmg for sure takkan cukup utk tinggal kat umar 8 jam hari2.

and, do you take any suppelements? vitamin c ke ape ke? hehe saje tanye... kot ada apa2 yg mommies amik to keep them energetic all day long.

Oyis said...

hi, nak jwb soklan2 mas tu by copy paste kat sini lah, ok x? hehe

psl pump tu, yup masih pump (tp ada jg time2 malas ya ampuuunnnnn), tp what an embarrassment sbb dpt 3 oz je skali pump. but then again, akak x risau sgt sbb before i leave home (pkl 8 pg), dah bg aisyah se-round dah. pastu i go home at lunch, kasi lg se-round. pump tu dlm pkl 5 mcm tu dkt opis. if aisyah nak minum susu, it's usually around this time gak la (ptg2 5 pm) i come back home at 7 pm, 1st thing aisyah mesti mintak nenen gak. then mlm sblm tido skali. utk tido lg skali. spjg tido ada 4 kali.

tp akak rasa bersyukur la jg sbb jadual akak flexible. kalo mcm ibu2 yg betul2 kerja kat KL from 9-5 mmg lebih strict la regime diorg. plus aisyah bkn jenis yg kalo x de EBM x leh tido etc. alhamdulillah dia mcm tau2 plak. dia bole continue tanpa EBM pon kdg2.

ada jg risau psl aisyah ni bdn kecik molek, tinggal pipi aje chubby. tp bila tgk budak2 yg 100% breastmilk aje, mmg gitu la pattern nya, so rasa ok la sket. as long as sihat, sudah... hehe.. dia mkn byk.. tp byk mkn, byk berak. ok la tu drpd byk mkn x berak2 kang lg susah... plus kalo gemuk debab pon x elok jg kan? esok2 kalo dah jd obesiti kanak2 kang, ibu bapa jg susah hati. so buat masa ni wat biasa2 je la psl weight issue dia tuh.

kdg2 bila pump jd demotivated, tgk sketnya la susu. ingat kan aisyah hanya minum main2 je la, x de pon susunya. tp bila direct feeding, menjejeh air putih drpd tepi mulut dia, siap bunyi meneguk2, so rasanya kalo direct feeding tu mmg byk lg la kot. plus mungkin dia ni jenis qadha' mlm. tu yg 4, 5 kali dia 'mencari' dlm tido tu. senget sebelah belakang ibu dia ini mcm kalu huhuhu...

psl vitamin, again what an embarrassment, sbb x amik apa2 pon, mmg patut as this age amik something la kan, but ntah, kalo beli pon liatnya nak mkn. alhamdulillah so far masih ok la. x tau la kot2 weather ke apa. but i think ur hubby pon betul jgk kot, psl tido awal. my hubby is also a control freak psl tido awal. pkl 10.30 dah sound2 suruh tido, siap tutup lampu tutup tv. maybe mas leh try tido awal? or skip tido ptg, nnt mlm mesti tido awal sbb capek sgt. akak kalo tido ptg nnt bdn lg rasa lemau, so mmg akan avoid at all cost (mmg x de masa pon nak buat, even on weekend pon :P)

anyway, sorry la kalo celoteh berjela ni x membantu. just nak kongsi je, coz sharing is caring :)