Friday, February 5, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

Finally, siap Transfer Report aku, and sudah selamat hantar kpd SV melalui email. Next Monday I will print it off (belom buat lg just in case my SV spots the odd things that needed correcting), but otherwise, sudah bole balik, bernafas dgn lebih lega sket, and hopefully be able to enjoy the weekend, Alhamdulillah!

As expected, even graphics editing took longer than anticipated. Apa nak buat, saya budak baru belajar... I'm currently using LyX for all my academic writing purposes, so even the easiest task of masukkan graphics with caption (mengikut selera hati, default yg dia bg ngakk tepat dgn kehendak diri) pon amik masa berjam2 tersenggok2 la mencari nur penyelesaian, bcoz it's not the usual WYSIWYG like using Words in Windows... Geram jg! But as is always the case when you automate or program things, it takes forever to get the code up and bug-free, but once it's running, wallaweh... mmg laju x hengat donia la task itu di setel kan, hehe.. so in the end, the total time invested in figuring out how to solve things is definitely worth it, sbb nya lps ni Insya Allah dah tahu so bole la buat dgn laju sket dah (unless I forget how to!)

For instance, these functions (Table of Content, List of Figures, List of Tables) had been automatically generated in under two seconds each. A task which could have otherwise taken forever in order to ensure that the page numbers tally, and a nightmare when there are changes to the page numbers later.

Likewise, the Bibliography was also generated in a blink of an eye, although in practice it took longer bcoz it needed to be linked with the citation in text first. But I think it beats doing it manually, what with trying to check if all the commas and periods are placed at the right spot or not. Anyway, this is no new news, End Note in Windows pon bole buat selaju ini jg, but it'll cost you, unless you get a hold of the pirated version lah, of course.

In short, I would recommend LyX utk org2 yg malu2 ayam nak guna LaTeX mcm aku. Bak kata Miley Cyrus, 'You get the best.... of both worlds'. Chewah!

Anyway, that's that. Syukur ke hadrat Allah sbb siap jg akhirnya. At least this weekend, bole la bersenang lenang and tido lena mcm ni (hopefully)...

Or sleep in until late, and wake up the next morning, x basuh muka, x mandi, x gosok gigi, tp duduk tercongok dlm pyjamas tgk TV sampai ke tgh hari mcm ni...

And spend lots of quality time with darling my mini-me (and dah tentu Hubs jg) :)

Ah, bliss... (tp temporary je ni, sbb nya Monday ni my day is packed semula. What to do...!)

Have a nice weekend, y'all!


tun fatimah said...

aahh bestnyer software nih! I pi course end note masa 1st year pastu lupa dah cemana nak pakai aiyooo! Lupa sebab tak practice coz takde software itu! Software you pakai ni free ka? Kalau tak, nak kena carik jugak end note soft and blaja balik sebab nak start writing up nanti senang.

yzmahoney said...

noris sgt wajib mengajar kite cara2 yg lbh terperinci menggunakan Lyx ini sebab awak juga telah mempengaruhi kite pakai ini sw...hehehhe duilangi..WAJIB tau.. thanks in advance!! muah! muah!

Oyis said...

tun & yzma:
hehe... bole2, apa salahnya... bkn apa share kat sini, sbbnya terasa ajkun dan kagum sbb dah x payah buat kerja yg remeh editing lelama. plus mmg nak biasakan diri dgn Linux, but the OpenOffice tu isn't so good. Hopefully one day bole terus guna LaTeX.

a good place to start is here:

it's got all the documentations and all that, quite complete. Obviously, we first start with download la kan. Bagusnya LyX ni, you don't have to be on Linux to be able to enjoy it. Utk Windows ke, Mac ke, semua bole, yg guna cygwin mcm yzma pon bole je.

The interface is pretty much self-navigatory, but kalo u all dah cuba and it's quite confusing, give me a shout, I will help if I can. But I have written an entry before on writing with LyX here:

I might even buat an entry just on how to use it, altho me no expert, tp kalo ada sambutan, bole je... yg baik kita kongsi :)

btw tun, psl EndNote tu, is the software not installed in your work PC? Kalo kat plymouth ni, by deafult EndNote and several other tools dah mmg di install pada setiap PC utk student, cuma I je x guna sgt ngeee... but kalo x de, I think u can always ask Tech Support, or even the Grad School if they have it. They usually do.

Good Luck Y'All!