Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ding! It's Time to Blog Again...

Even though x de apa yg menarik pon nak diceritakan... Tgh taking my usual evening break. Actually nya, baru selesai berbuka posa. Earlier this week, I had realized that the days aren't getting any shorter now, so it's best to qadha' posa right now before summer is here and fasting starts from 3 am - 9 pm. Especially when I still owe 14 days plus Fidyah! *gasp* (zaman bersalinkan Aisyah).

Anyway, for Berbuka, this is what I had - Subway Vege Patty with Honey Mustard Sauce and Coke

But this is what I had really wanted - Pad Thai

Sungguh x sama... Hmmm.. Had really been craving Pad Thai since the last few days, tp x cukup bahan, and M.A.L.A.S nak buat. I want yg org masakkan, or yg kita bole order kat kedai punya. Hah... berangan la ye. X de sapa kesian kan ko, Oyis! So dgn pathetic nya bbrp hari lps masak Bihun goreng aje. Habis sipi dah la tuh... huhu...

Hari ni byk buat graphics editing. Apparently, the figures that I put in my reports are mostly not legible, a.k.a terlalu kecik. My SV had advised me to resize them, and in his words, 'the rule of thumb in printing an image for publication is that its writings need to be in a bigger size or at least as big as the font in the written document'. Oh, baru aku tahu. I hadn't paid any attention to that. Patut la kena edit.

Other than that, ingat nak touch up benda2 kosmetik spt buat muka depan, Acknowledgment, Table of Content, List of Figures, and List of Tables (didn't have to, but it'll look more professional if I do). Don't know why I'm super-slow today. Weather kot? We haven't seen much of the sun this week. We had flurries of snow on Saturday (besar hama), then hail stones on the Sunday. It had been wet, wet, wet from Monday till today, but no signs of snow, altho the winds are like real ice daggers. Certain regions up north have reported snow, so no Uni / Lab /School for them. Jealous!

Hail stones sebesar kutu b*bi

Bcoz the forecast looks like the cold is still here to stay, belikan Aisyah topi baru. Now topi dia dah pink. Org sini semua tgk colour, kalo pink terus assume girl, kalo kaler lain, especially blue or brown terus boy. Previously topi Aisyah hijau, and coat dia biru, so mmg org ingat dia boy. Harap nya tiada lg org yg refer kat dia as boy, offensive tau!

Tu je la. Nak get back to work. Esok nak submit report kpd SV dah. Toodles!

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