Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High and Dry

Idea utk menulis lately ni mcm non-existent, which explains the increasing dryness of this blog's entry day after day. Sorry la guys. I guess the deeper you get yourselves into your study, the more boring of a person you become. Tu psl Prof2 semua x hap dah. It just saps all the fun quality you have inside of you, serious!

Plus we're stuck in Plymouth and x jalan mana2 pon bcoz of the weather yg sejuk and muram lg suram, so even entry bergambar pon x menarik gmbr2 nya. So, yes, Oyis is officially boring! Utk membuktikan betapa gersang nya keadaan sekarang (plus my Mom kept asking over the phone, dah spring belom?), here are a few pics to show what it's like around here now. See? Masih dahan kosong tiada berbunga...

Can you spot the squirrel?

In terms of work plak, collect data dah siap smlm, tp pre-processing sket2 hari ni x sudah2 lg. Dgn isu format conversion nya, file size nya, nak compress ke x nya, pastu nak automate everything and buat batch processing aje, tp paham2 je la, bila lama sket tinggal scripting tu mula la kepala pusing. I really was hoping to get this done by today, sbbnya from tomorrow till next Sunday, mmg impossible nak squeeze extra time for this, bcoz my schedule is packed. Plus I realized that this 'To Do list' on my wall is slowly yellowing, almaklum lah dah almost a month old now stuck on the wall there, yet I have only managed to scrape two items off it at most!

Patut la my SV smlm masa masuk lab lps ckp 'Hi' dia kata, 'When you are finished, let me know, we'll have a meeting'. Basically, when a SV says that, it directly translates as 'Eh, x siap2 lg ke weih? Bila nak siapnya?' *oh sila panic skang*

Ok la nak get back to work. Will pass this entry to Aisyah the exercize instructor. Speaking of which, I have not exercized for the longest time, and my gym membership needs renewing (but I prolly won't coz I don't have time to use the facilities these days), but I walk E.V.E.R.Y-freaking-W.H.E.R.E, so that ought to count for something la kan ;P

Mula2 get into your exercising gear, including the right shoes

Ok sit yourselves on the floor and start dgn light stretches dulu

Then stretch sebelah kaki ke depan. Try to touch your toes. Look, I do it oh-so-effortlessly!

Then tuck that leg behind, and stretch some more

Now bring both legs forward into a lotus position, and bend !!!

Lower! (babies are so malleable!)

Dah penat ke? Ok la rehat. Sambung lain kali hehe


isabelle said...

babies/kids buleh la buat mcm tu. kita yg dah keras ni...adoiyai...sakit!

muka aisyah ni makes my heart melt la...

Az Azrinudin Alidin said...

owh igtkan yg gambar kat bawah tu dia nak pumping..mmg hebat la klu aisyah pumping haha

aku pun skrang ni terkejar2 masa nak wat keje..aku letak plan aku kat google calender, pagi2 aku buka jer dah tau hari ni dapat wat 2-3 benda dari 5-6 benda yg aku plan but ok la dari tercongok jer pikir nak wat ape yer dak

ni paper nak baca pun ada dekat 10 ni tak tau kat mana nak squeeze time nak baca paper ni..harap2 ada peluang nak baca huhu

Az Azrinudin Alidin said...
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Oyis said...

a ah, lembut lg tulang belulang dia. flexible sungguh!

p/s: mau buat menantu ka? hikhik

oo bkn pumping tu. terbaring.

mmg! masa sgt la cpt berjalan tuh. aku guna gak dayplanner nya program. tp kdg bila x dpt nak fulfill spt yg di plan tuh, jd tension plak haha