Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aisyah In Polka Dots

Saja nak share pics2 Aisyah in polka dots here. These were yesterday's. She was in blue polka dots and jeans, with polka dots socks as well. In the 2nd pic she's holding her fav book yg besar dari empunya diri itu.

These are taken today. Still in polka dots, but brown. Apa motif gmbr ni yg anak n ibu nmpk sekerat je muka ni?

Well actually nk tunjuk baju ibu yg jg kaler coklat, hand-picked by Aisyah. Mula2 dah pki baju kaler pink, dia tarik baju ni dari almari. Simpan aje baju ni, dia tarik lg. Tanya Aisyah, "Nak suruh Ibu pakai baju ni ke?". Angguk. OK. Ibu pakai, dia sukeeee... Oooh, nak suruh colour-coordinate ngan dia rupanya, kasi matching. Ish ish... vain sungguh anak aku nih... Very the girlie girl gitew...

We took a short walk to Wak's sbb Hubs nak tgk match Man U against Chelsea. Don't ask me the scores, x amik port pon. But I had fun talking to Mal (Wak's wife) and tgkkan budak2 ni main.

Ni us on the way balik, Wak giving us a lift. Saja amik gmbr Aisyah coz nmpk dia cam besar plak atas carseat nih. Lps itu Wak n Hubs pegi main golf. I really think bini2 yg mana husbandnya main golf should unite together and bukak kelab so that we can discuss bagaimana hendak sorokkan bola2 golf mereka atau patahkan btg golf mereka tanpa disyakki. I know my mom pasti akan join kelab ni, jd presiden kelab kot haha.

Wokeh itu saja. The good news is, I got my lappy back and it's working just fine, even managed to squeeze a short chatting session with my parents. Downside is, cuma kena re-install a lot of things. The term, 'You'd never know what you had until you lose it', adalah sgt2 dirasai skang. Hmmm...


isabelle said...

she's so brilliant.pandainya nak colour-coordinate dgn mama.

Oyis said...

hehe. thanks. kebetulan je kot, but kalo betul pon apa salahnya... bole la beraya boria tahun ni hehehe

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