Monday, September 8, 2008

Pouch vs Sling

Aisyah In Her Pouch

Okay, a few people have asked me, 'Which is better, a Ring Sling or a Pouch Sling?'

Honestly, both serves the same purpose, and I can't answer it without being biased about it. Of course I would say go with the pouch, but that's bcoz I'm useless with folding and tying that I couldn't even do it to save my life. But to others, the ring sling might be the best ever creation. It really depends on the individual.

So here I present a little smackdown between Pouch Sling vs Ring Sling that I have nicked from the Sweet Things Baby Slings Website. Hopefully, this will help explain it better than I can ever write it myself.

*Ring slings are highly adjustable. The fabric threaded through the rings can be taken up or let out to achieve a perfect fit; a ring sling can be shared with family and friends and passed on when the baby outgrows babywearing.
*The tail of the sling, if not sewn shut or "closed", is quite handy for keeping a sleeping baby's head out of the elements and covering boobage while breastfeeding.
*Ring sling tails can include a pocket that will hold a diaper, wipes, bottle, sippy cup, billfold, etc. You can leave the diaper bag in the car.

*The amount of fabric necessary to keep the sling secure feels bulky to some people and, compared to a pouch, it takes a wee bit longer to put on and take off a ring sling.
*Not everyone gets the hang of letting fabric in and out at the tail.
*Some people find the rings to be heavy and annoying.

Pouch Sling

*Pouch slings are very easy to use. There are no rings or extra lengths of fabric to mess with or position.
*Pouch slings have a very low profile and are comfortable enough to wear under a jacket or into the grocery store in anticipation of a child that elects to squirm out of a shopping cart. Parents of twins can wear two pouch slings at the same time, one across each shoulder.
*Some of our pouches are reversible. Twice the fun!
*Pouches fold up smaller than ring slings.

*Pouch slings must fit an individual's specific measurement in order to be comfortable. If a babywearer changes weight dramatically, a pouch that fit originally will no longer work.
*There is no extra piece of fabric like a tail to cover a baby's head or to facilitate nursing.

Maka, harus la diingatkan, sekiranya korg nak beli pouch, kena la ukur betul2. Biasanya kalo average Msian yg tingginya kurg 156 cm tu, aku rasa, pakai saiz S aje. Unless you have a longer or shorter torso, then maybe you need an XS or M size. Apa2 pon better ukur la. Mcm aku ari tu, senang sbb gi kedai Moms Little One tu terus diaorg ambik pita ukur tu and ukur across the shoulder dah. Kalo order online, kena sendiri make sure la ukuran tu tepat.

Bab2 pouch ni aku nak give credit to Lia, yg introdce kan benda nih kat aku masa aku pregnant dulu. Dia ada wat satu entry psl ni dlm blog dia. Antara soalan naive aku masa tu (yg masih ada dlm kotak komen dia skang) ialah, 'x penyek ke breasts kita?' ahaks!

Jawab Lia, 'Tentulah x, kalo x mesti Angelina Jolie x nak pakai, pasal nnt x seksi!'. (Yes, AJ guna Baby Pouch utk carry Shiloh masa tu.)

And lps dah guna sendiri tu, aku bole konfem kan bahawasanya you, your baby and your boobs are safe. Trust me on this. All is rest assured! Yeay!


Mummy HnH said...

Glad to hear that "you, your baby and your boobs are safe"... hehehe.. Personally, oyis recommend tak guna pouch nie? Agak2nya, baby sampai umur berapa / berat berapa, boleh dok dlm nie? Thanx!

Oyis said...

personally, kita recommend guna pouch. from experience la, aisyah most of the time naik stroller ok aje, tp bila dia meragam, kasi masuk dlm pouch terus diam. every single time bwk masuk pouch dia mesti tido punya. byk kali jugak kita guna dlm umah, especially time dia ngamuk x nak tido ke kan, bwk masuk dlm tu, jln2 pusing dlm umah, sekejap je dah lena. pas tu baru slow2 transfer masuk katil/toto dia.

Aisyah mmg jenis baby yg manja bila nak tido, so mmg perfect la utk dia. kalo x, jenuh nak dodoikan atas lengan.

kalo yg jenis kita beli tu, 'My Lovely Closet', maximum 13 kg. Ada beberapa style duduk la, ikut perkembangan umur baby, dari newborn sampai la ke 2 thn.

kalo arnie jd beli n x puas ati ke, jgn la salahkan kita plak eh? kita minta maaf siang2 la, tp insya Allah babies semua ok kot duduk dlm pouch, sbb dia dekat dgn kita kan, lg la dia suka... kita pon x terasa sgt bebanan berat bdn dia, sbb carry guna blkg and bahu kan, x la guna kudrat lengan memanjang. ibarat bawa buku ngan tgn shj atau pakai beg sandang, tentu la ringan pakai beg sandang kan? cam tu la kot

btw, masa kita kat kedai MLO tu, Puan Rita Rahayu tu ada kat situ. Kita pon was2 mulanya nak beli ke x, so kita tanya dia, 'Would you recommend this? Do you personally use this product?'

dia terus ketawa. dia kata, i use all of the products that i sell. and mmg this one is one of the top ones yg dia mesti guna punya. kita pon terus beli lps conversation tu heheh.

tp kalo kata la best pakai pouch ni, arnie amik la gmbr arnie n baby dlm pouch, pas tu letak kat blog, ok x? nak tgk jugak
hehehe :)

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