Friday, September 12, 2008


Okay, in response to some more questions from friends on the safety and the benefit of babywearing, I've put down 10 reasons that would hopefully help a lot of you out. These 10 facts are credited to LadySoul, who is also a huge fan of slings.

I'm not trying to convert anyone, but I really want to share the joy and convenience of babywearing to all Moms out there. I know the concern is mostly on the safety issue, coz it does look a little dodgy on the outside, but believe me, with correct fitting, your baby is sure to be snug and comfy in there. People all over the world have been babywearing for hundreds of thousands of years now, so there must be something good about it, right?

But if the issue is all about being embarrassed to don the 'Indon Maid Look', all I can say is, look around you, babywearing is so the IN thing right now! Angelina Jolie is wearing it, so is Brooke Shield, and I have here Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani, heck, even Etahn Hawk is proud to use it! So who exactly, is missing out on the latest fashion trend here?

All celebs aside, I'd like to ask, 'Is there anything sweeter than when your baby lays her head aginst your chest?'

Here are the 10 reasons:
Babywearing is an ancient tradition that has withstood the test of time in native cultures around the world. Here are ten reasons why using our baby sling can play a vital role in successful parenting today.

* A sling allows you to care for your baby and work HANDS-FREE at the same time!
* The baby’s weight is COMFORTABLY distributed across your shoulder, back and hip.
* You can attend to your other children while safely holding your baby.
* Slings are much more COMPACT than strollers or plastic infant seats. You can carry your sling in a diaper bag.

Easy to use
* Your baby can be worn in many comfortable positions: snuggle hold, cradle hold, kangaroo carry, hip carry, or back carry (for toddlers).
* Putting on a sling is as easy as putting on a purse.

Calms babies down
* A sling is an instant baby soother; babies love the rhythmic motion of riding in a sling.
* A 1986 study of 99 mother-infant pairs (reported in Pediatrics Magazine ) showed that carrying babies at least three hours a day reduced crying and fussing 43% during the day and 51% at night.
* Babies are happier being carried and have less need to cry, so parents enjoy their babies more as a result.
* Versatile and cost effective
* You can use a simple sling from birth to age three (or 35 lbs.), replacing the need for other more expensive baby carriers.
* Slings can also be used as a shopping cart safety belt, toddler harness, light blanket, or changing pad.
* Small pets (under 25 lbs.) love to be carried too.

Babywearing enhances mental development
* Carried babies are up at eye level, able to share your world and receive lots of healthy stimuli and attention.
* Since babies are exposed to more experiences and conversations, they often develop language skills quicker.
* Sling babies have better visual and auditory alertness, and increased "quiet alert" times, which is when the brain is most active. As a result, babies learn faster.

Improves physical development
* Slings provide a “transitional womb” for newborns adapting to a new world. Think of it as 9 months in the womb and 9 months out.
* Carried babies develop good muscle tone in both neck and body, and have better balance.
* Carried babies have fewer stress hormones and this relaxed state aids in better digestion, physical growth, and attention span. (Just be careful when you carry her after her full meal :)'ll be carrying a handful of baby barf :)

Promotes self-confidence
* Slings promote bonding between parent and child. Findings from a Columbia University study revealed that 83% of babies carried in cloth carriers were "securely attached," compared to only 38% of those carried in infant seats. This bond is essential for infant development.
* Carried babies and toddlers feel more secure in new social situations
* Babies become more independent and confident at an earlier age.

Keeps baby safe
* Keep baby close to you and away from germs in public places.
* In a sling, your toddler can’t wander off.
* Slings provide protection from overstimulation. (Which is very true because all she's focused on is YOU)

Makes parenting even more enjoyable!
* Wearing your baby will help you gain a greater awareness of your child’s needs and eliminate excessive crying and temper tantrums.
* Better communication increases bonding, infant trust, and feelings of parental competence.
* Holding your baby releases mom hormones that create a unique feeling of close attachment.
* It’s fun to cuddle your baby! A sling helps you enjoy this special time for as long as possible.

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EyesOfNabil said...

bibik2 indon dah lama pakai benda tu..tapi kita selalu nak tgk mek salleh pakai baru kita ikut trend :D

Mummy HnH said...

great info, thanx!
ye lah, rasanya ramai yg xnak pakai sling sbb konon nmpk cam indon ke, kemboja ke... then, lbh rela beli stroller sampai beribu RM...