Friday, September 12, 2008

A BFP, An MC & A Delivery

Breathe, I'm not the one with the BFP (Big Fat Positive). It so happened yesterday I met a friend who confided in me that his wife is expecting. Or at least he thought she was, since they got their BFP last night and wanted to be sure that they had read the results right. Sure enough, I told him that if there were two lines, than she's almost 99% pregnant, as it's very very rare to have a false positive. I congratulated him and wished him and his wife a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Not long after, I found out a wife of another friend had a MC (miscarriage) just recently, after being pregnant for only 8 short weeks. Although it had happened a while back, the news had shocked me, as I was late in finding out as I was away on maternity leave for ages. My condolences to the family and hopefully they get through the grieving process well.

Later in the evening, I went to visit my buddy Yzma, who had given birth on Sep, 11, 2008 to a 3.89 kg baby boy at the Kajang Speacialist Hospital. My, my, her baby is a 90 grams heavier than Aisyah, and it is no wonder she had to have surgery to get him out. Mother is doing well. However, baby isn't so, as he is under phototherapy treatment for jaundice. I am happy for them on the safe delivery, and pray that their baby gets well soon. I definately know how tiring and hard these early times are,and I wished Yzma to be steadfast and patient with her breastfeeding efforts with a jaundiced baby (very, very difficult!)

At the end of the day, as I pondered upon the three isolated events that happened to friends around me, I felt as if I had relived everything in my journey to baby. I've gone through the joy and shock of discovering a BFP (heck, TWO BFPs if you count the one I miscarried), I've dealt with the sorrow and grief that followed my miscarriage, and I've been blessed to have experienced the safe birth of my baby, only to feel very upset and anxious later when she was diagnosed with breastmilk jaundice. Really, having gone through all these, I can say to each and every one of my three friends that I know EXACTLY what you are going through. And I pray them all well, through the easy and tough times. I guess this is the hikmah of everything that had happened to me previously; God gives me more understanding and empathy for others and what they are going through.

And as the night falls, I stare into the eyes of my Aisyah Nurzahirah, I could feel my love for her blossomed ten thousands times more. Indeed, it was a long journey to baby, but it was a beautiful one, and I look forward to continue this journey with baby with each passing day ....


Timmy said...

hi.. blog hopping tiba2 terjumpa ur blog.. kecik lagi baby aishah ni... fully breastfeeding ke? i would say the journey is not easy.. but not impossible... with me a working+student mom... mmg byk cabaran... i've been fully breastfeeding my boy for two years already... and still going on...keep it up..

chefadh said...

allo..allo..i'm so outdated! tak tau pun yzma dah bersalin..alhamdulillah jaundice..hmm..mmg byk betul la kes jaundice ni kan? will contact her soon..thanx for annoucing it here, kalau tak mmg la i tak tau..terasa sungguh secluded! dahla lama tak menjenguk blog2 member2 yg lain..busy juggling wif my daily routines..syok tgk si aisyah tu..nmpk cerdas dan cergas, alhamdulillah..camne ur preparation here?

Oyis said...

hi.. welcome2... a ah, aisyah kecik lg, hari ni genap 3 bln :)

alhamdulillah, masih fully BF dia. mmg difficult jgk, compared to those moms who choose to formula feed their babies or those who can be 24/7 around their babies (they are so lucky they have the luxury of staying at home!). pumping requires patience, nk kena set aside time, tp bole tahan lg. paling liat yg amat, sterilizing afterwards, kan? :p

apa2 pon, i still wish i could continue to BF aisyah until at least 2, like u..

haa.. cik yzma kita dah jd ibu. bole la call/emel dia, wish tahniah kat dia... semlm baby dia dah kuar wad dah, so dia dah stat tugas2 rasmi seorg ibu smlm.

preparation wise, td apply visa. so tgh wait n pray period la ni. doakan semuga approved tanpa byk masalah... amin. the time is getting closer now..