Monday, July 7, 2008

To Know Is To Love

My Dearest Baby Aisyah,

It' has been less than 3 weeks that you are here with me but already I cannot imagine what life is without you. I can see what a smart baby you are. In this short span of time, you have already mastered several skills such as lifting up your head, kicking real hard (and at times scaring the shit out of your Ibu when you kicked her in the tummy, for the fear that her stitches will open up), gurgling, smiling, cooing and even swimming, or what appeared to Ibu as swimming in your cot during tummy time. You nurse like a champ, you even did it well before the lactationist came to teach you how to.Even what's left of your umbilical cord dried up and detached super fast, at age 6 days of life, much to the amzement of everyone.

I see that you've learned to pick up several moves already; like how you give out your most angelic look, with that sweet sugary smile on your lips that'll for sure make Ayah's heart melt without fail everytime, that he'll pick you up and let you stay in his arms all night long if you wanted too. And you are so smart to have made the connection that the louder you wail, the faster Dear Ibu will terkocoh2 come to your side and tend to you. Impressive, my Aisyah...

Dear Baby,

Within these 3 weeks, I, too, have gotten to know you a lot. I've begun to understand the cues on why you are crying and what upsets you.

I have begun to shed some light on your feeding and sleeping schedule.

I notice that you can't stand a wet diaper for longer than a few minutes at a time.

I know that you sleep better (and longer) on your tummy.

I know how much you love it when Ayah lets you snuggle close on his chest at night (awhhh... so sweeet!)

I know how you loath being swaddled all day long and prefer to bare it all out.

And last but not least,
I know (and love!) that signature face that you make when you are taking a dump. Classic!

I am so proud of myself for noticing the 'face' single-handedly. I am proud that you, too, have made tremendous progress already. Ah well, the truth is, I am so proud to have you as my daughter and I know that I am just so, so blessed to have the opportunity to be your mother. Period.

Sugar Buns, I Love You with all my heart !


EyesOfNabil said...

pergh...kejapnya masa berjalan ^_^

muka macam noris ^_^
muka dia buang air tu ikut noris gak ke? ^_^

Lia Sakinah said...

Hehe...expression muka aisyah buang air sebijik mcm qystina masa bru2 lahir dulu...dia akan muncungkan mulut dia klu dh sudah melepas menunjukkan dh lega... tapi skang dh x bt habit cam tu dah. Kdg2 rindu nk tgk...nasib baik ada rekod video...hehe. That's what i call the magic from such a small 'thing'. Only a simple gesture she made is enough to brighten our day... betul x noris? ;-)

yzmahoney said...

uniquenye muke aisyah bile die poopoop..cute sgt.. hmm buat kite xsabar nak discover baby kite.. :D

Oyis said...

yup, mmg masa berjln ngan sungguh pantas. tau2 nnt dah time to go back to work, huhu T_T

mcm muka kite ke? hehe... rasanya kita x buat muka buang air tu, tp x tau la kalo masa baby dulu pon cam tuh :P

a ah, simple gesture mcm tu pon dah wat hati Ibu ngan Ayah dia berbunga2.. ye lah, utk peringkat umur ni mana la ada byk sgt aktiviti n interaction yg dia bole buat... so small things like these mmg treasure moment la... plak tu masa dah x bole diulang lg, bak kata lia, qyatina bile besar sket dah x buat muka poopy tu lg... so kalo nak tgk, kena bukak balik video, or else... kena bersalin la sorg lg nyehehehe...

btw, kita perasan byk bby wat muka cam tu kalo nak/dah berak.. actually i learned it over the internet gak, kat baby blog org lain, anak omputih lg tu, siap wat muka camtuh.. so universal gesture kot ... who says baca blog org membazir masa, kan? ;p

kita pon tertunggu2 jugak kehadiran baby awak. nnt sure byk benda unique yg baby awak akan buat. since awak pon ada blog, jgn lupa postkan la kat situ. bkn apa, bole sama2 enjoy ke'kiut'an baby awak tu, and at least, to document it for yourself :)