Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aisyah's Daily Schedule

This is Baby when she is fast asleep. Yes, my honeybunch prefers to sleep on her tummy like that.
Sleeping soundly like a Baby...

When she's done sleeping, she'll wake up and asks to be fed Ibu's yummy-licious booby juice. Usually, after she's done, she'll spend sometime doing her 'business'.
The 'Face'

Baby will then have her diaper cleaned, and also her Nenek will give her a bath, which she seems to enjoy very much, on a good day. On a bad day, she'll scream like there's no tomorrow.

If Baby's hungry, she'll want to be fed again. Otherwise, Ibu and Baby then spend their time 'lepak'ing together. Sometimes they'll sorta watch TV together, but mostly, Baby will sitin Ibu's arms, staring, sometimes smiling and if Ibu is really lucky, she gets to hear Baby blabbers on in her Baby language. In return, Ibu makes silly faces and talks in funny voices to Baby nonstop ...

Sayang Ibu ni macam paham je apa yg ditayangkan kat TV tu..

After another quick round of feeding, Baby then usually dozes off again to slumberland.

Tido gaya kura2. Bontot meninggi ke langit

The cycle is repeated throughout the day and night, except for the bathing part, which are only given once in the morning and once in the evening. The schedule is all good, generally, except for when Baby loses the sense of time and decides to do the 'lepak'ing part at 2.30 in the morning. And you can tell she really likes 'lepak'ing with Ibu, you see, coz at a time she can be up for two hours straight.

It's a miracle how Ibu still finds the time (and strength) to blog at all!

Now I know that Mothers don't only have arms of steel and boobs flowing of liquid white gold goodness, but also the highest multi-tasking skills just to survive through the day.

Salute to all the (super)moms out there who do it day in, day out!

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