Sunday, July 6, 2008

Journey With Baby

Kalo dulu title blog ni ialah Journey to Baby, rasanya dgn kehadiran si Aisyah Nurzahirah ni, the journey has reached its destination la. But since I am kinda fond of writing this blog, (why else would anyone yg tgh berpantang menghadap computer at the wee hours of morning, typing away when it would be so much better to just catch up on some sleep masa Baby tido), I guess kena tukar n upgrade sket la certain2 part.

If you've noticed the ticker kat atas and also a few pics kat tepi dah edit. And my dear Bro suggested, why not change this blog title to 'Journey With Baby'?

And I LOVE it.

So from now on, that's exactly what this blog will be about - Journey With Baby Aisyah. Hope this journey will be as exciting as, if not more exciting than before, Insya Allah...

Journey With Me!

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