Friday, July 11, 2008

Noise Pollution

With the addition of Baby to our family, I began to notice things that I had once was oblivious to before.

Namely the noise that otherwise went unnoticed.

Oh Dear God, how these noise irked me to no end. Mainly because they startle Aisyah when she is napping, causing her to wake up and cry, much to my annoyance because a lot of the time it takes her a good 20 minute of coaxing and carrying her in my two arms all around the house, all the while singing lullabies and zikir to get her into the napping stage in the first place.

Here is a list of the noise that I am now pissed to hear:

The doorbell
Please, if you must press the bell, just press it ONCE, and no need to bang on the door afterwards. It takes me longer to open the door in my 'berpantang' period than before. By the way, I will get the door much faster if I don't have to sooth Baby first, who'd just woken up by your compulsive act of ringing the door bell again and again.

The phone
Particularly if it's coming from a telemarketer. Buzz off.

The person who sneezes
Just try to keep it down. For my sake and sanity, pretty please?

The kids next door
Must you kids yell at the sight of every G*d damned cat/dog/car/bus/apek that passes in front of your house in the evening?

The car door, when Baby and I are in the car, heading for the Dr's
I never noticed car door slams were so loud before. May be next time we should attempt getting in through the window :P

The ones listed here are all top-of-the-list of sounds that annoy me. Funny I never noticed them before. Hopefully Baby'll get used to the sound one day, and will have no problem sleeping through the noise. It's not like we can move to a secluded spot on a private island somewhere .. heh


EyesOfNabil said...

Org bersin tu kat mana? Kuat tu kalau dia bersin kat luar rumah n dlm rumah bole dengar ^_^

Sabar2...mane tau u will develop super hearing n dgr ppl's heart beat from a mile away (mcm citer heroes) ^_^

Oyis said...

org yg kat dlm umah ni la... bersin x hengat dunia...

x mo ah superpower hearing... nanti dgr mcm2 susah nak tido mlm :p

yzmahoney said...

jiran kite lg best..die bersin kat rumah die pon kite boleh dgr kat rumah kite dgn keadaan pintu & tingkap tertutup..heheh nway mayb awk boleh biasakan aisyah tdo depan that die dah biase dgr bising & xrase annoy bile ade bising lain yg dtg..agaknyelar kot..hehehe

Oyis said...

aisyah mmg tido bukak tv... mlm pon.. dia lg nyenyak kalo ada bunyi2 yg background noise cam tuh. cuma kalo bunyi tu jenis yg startling, tiba2 je kuat, dia bgn la... in fact bunyi bas lalu dpn umah pon dia x heran, sbb bas tu dari jauh dah bunyi (fade in, fade out) hehe. tp kalo bas tu hon, mmg terkejut banget la dia...