Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too Busy for A Proper Entry...

... but not too busy to post this - hasil kerja tgn anakanda yg terbaru dibawa balik drpd nursery! Ala2 collage gitu made from crepe paper. Sekali tgk mcm peta USA pon ye daaa... (ada tanjung mcm Florida dkt Southeast tuh, and another one on the left mcm New Mexico (can you see it too? Mata aku je kot).

Aisyah is wearing her currently fav shirt - Spongebob Squarepants. Beli masa kat Barcelona hari tu. Lately agak payah nak capture gambar dia sbb dia asyik active x leh duk setempat and my handphone camera takes ages to charge up a flash so tu yg gmbr nya x de yg pandang kamera.

If the rate of your busy-ness is inversely proportional to the frequency of your post, then that makes me a very busy woman lah lately nih, hihih. Will resume the last part of Barcelona trip in a few days, Insya Allah.


mama zharfan said...

bz like a bee yer oyis :)
me pun bz heheh tp blogging tetap jln heheh
me nak kena submit 2 chapters by end of aug ni...got to work harder ni..anyway, selamat berpuasa yer

Oyis said...

sgtttttt, kak suzie!

tp kan, bagus la kak suzie pandai divide the time between studying and leisure. saya cuba jgk utk update daily, bcoz mmg dah hobi hehehe~

Queen of Pirus said...

Dah balik dah...alhamdulillah semua selamat....thumbs up to Aisyah. Simpan tau...pas ni boleh compile all her works & see the progress.

isabelle said...

aisyah ada baju spongebob?
adam ada spongebob undies.heeeee...

Ammi Sara said...

cantikla collage aishah ;)

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