Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seating Dilemma

Nak mintak tolong sket ni, nak minta pendapat korg la. Sebenarnya tgh men-try tempat duduk member yg dah pindah drpd lab. Tempat duduk dia nih tepi tingkap, whereas mine at the moment mengadap dinding sahaja. Itu psl la sedikit gedix di situ. Seat with a view la katakan, kononnya bole increase productivity.

Ckp pon x guna, meh bg contoh terus.

Above is my office. Yg aku tandakan pink tu my current seat. Yg aku tandakan Hijau tu seat yg aku tgh usha. Yg makhluk sorg lg tu nama dia Al, has always sat there.

This pic above shows my desk. I have made it quite homey, but it can feel boxed in a bit. Kalo org masuk drpd pintu aku la manusia paling last tahu sapa org itu, bcoz kedudukan jauh drpd pintu.

This is the desk I was talking about. Abaikan the bareness of the desk, nnt kalo aku pindah aku pandai2 adjust kasi as best as skang nya desk hehe. I cannot sit facing the window, sbb it's a bit cramped, so ngadap dinding jgk la. In a way it's worst sbb dindingnya biru tua, whereas right now punya dinding is biru muda.

But, it does have a view which should promote creative thinking and de-stressing, allowing circulation (tingkap aku yg control eh sejuk ke panas ke), and the window sill is all mine, which is extra storage space in itself. Plak tu dkt dgn door, so I can easily see who walks in (kena tangkap berFB oleh SV no more!), and the lab's phone is just within reach.

However, all that sebenarnya bole jadi distraction. Like, tiap2 kali org masuk aje mesti tertgk2, tiap2 kali ada burung terbang mesti angkat kepala tgk luar tingkap, kalo window terbukak org jerit2 kat bawah or construction noise gerenti dgr lebih kuat drpd seat skang ni, and kalo dah dkt dgn lab's phone tu, paham2 aje lah, konfem jd secretary x bertauliah la eh, expected to angkat phone whenever it rings la jawabnya.

Soal solat x menjadi masalah (qiblat is 45 degrees mengadap pintu td), altho Al akan duduk di blkg aku la lps ni kalo aku move, so my bum will kinda stick in the air in his direction time rukuk / sujud heh. Skang ni membelakangkan cabinet, so x brp segan.

Another thing, kalo pindah, Al will be able to see my screen dgn hanya berpaling ke arah kanan shj (kantoi la aku blogging), compared to kalo right now, beliau kena pusing 180 degrees baru nmpk screen aku, itu pon sbb aku chubby chub chub, half of it is blocked anyway la. Aku agak kurg senang dgn soal org tgk screen nih, but if I'm working like I should be, x payah la risau2 kan?

On top of that, aku agak malas sebenarnya nak pindah, packing and unpacking, atas alasan mengacau momentum kerja, but Al ada ckp, it's like playing tennis, mula2 main bantai je pukul sesuka hati, tp Ok la performance nya. Sekali ada pro ckp, salah tu, and ajar cara betul, so kita akan bermain tenis dgn teruknya sbb x biasa. But eventually bila kita dah biasa, kita punya performance akan jadi jauh lebih baik drpd sebelum nya. Same goes with this seat la kot. Mula2 slow la buat kerja sbb x biasa n nak kena sesuaikan diri, but lama2, mana tahu lebih increase productivity.

Al has also said that kalo aku dah made up my mind, he will be free on Monday to help me. Baik kan? Tp tu la, seat yg so far ni rasa agak comfy dah, but seat yg baru ni rasa agak inspiring and generous with light, cuma yg x tahan nya kena invest time and possibly money to make it more homier and inviting to work like now (hias2). Oh, and I need to let the tech guys know that aku dah tukar seat, so kena register my MAC number to the soket network yg baru tu (read: extra work).

Tp syg gak kalo x pindah ni. Sbb nya come October akan ada org masuk dlm lab ni, and ni last opportunity la kalo nak swap seats. Considering I have 1 year to a year and a half more of working in tha lab, which I can only expect I will be spending longer and working harder at the desk, I would like to have the best seat la kan. So how? All ideas appreciated, but kalo sudahnya aku ketegaq and buat keputusan selain drpd cadangan korg, jgn la marah aku plak. But right now mmg 50-50. Thanks guys.

PS: SV aku baru je masuk time2 tgh hapload gmbr satni. Phew, close call. Tp kalo duk seat lg satu sure x tergezut sbb leh nmpk awal2 lg. But then again, he came in sat ni and bg kerja byk ni (for the composition, not necessarily PhD work), which he expects to pick up next Monday, so maybe x dak masa nak pindah. Hmmm...


Jordan said...

I'd go with the desk by the window. And hey, it's awesome that you have someone named Al there. Everyone needs an Al. Haha

MRM said...

Rasanya when it comes to tempat duduk ni, it's just the matter of getting used to it. So if you got the time, move lah, but if it's just gonna take too much time for packing-unpacking, buat susah aje kot.

But nnt orang lain duduk situ, jangan la terberangan2 plak about what if you're the one yg duduk situ, he he :P But hmmm, kalau sampai nak kena fikir nak ke tak nak tempat tu, probably you don't really need that new place anyway, maybe you are just fine where u r now?

Tun Fatimah said...

i guess it depends on your personal preference. I prefer desk you are sitting now because I am easily distracted by the smallest things! So if tepi tingkap tu, mmg lah end up berangan je kot most of the time hahaha.. But if my hubby, dia mmg suka duduk tepi tingkap / with a view if dia buat kerja. because he likes to see movements and not feel claustrophobic (sp?). So again, it depends on how the space best work for you really. But i like the idea of knowing who comes in / goes out of the ofc. My desk dekat school on the first floor (one room ada split level)nearest to the stairs and door (door ground level) so i can see without being seen (make sense?) haha.. well, hope you can make your decision. To me extra work tu takde masalah really. the most important thing is how the space connects to you. :)

Oyis said...

oh yeah. I never realized he's shared the same name with your son hehe. Maybe that's bcoz the guy in my lab's name is Alexis, instead of Alisdair :)

tu la, that's what my husband says, 'apa masalahnya dgn tempat skang'. which of course, there is none. so looks like mungkin x pindah, can't really think now sbb serabut kepala, maybe after raya lah kot kalo jadi pon. hehe

wah i suka ayat, '... how the space connects to you'. setuju 100%. tu yg buat test drive dkt seat baru tuh itu hari. so far x de rasa connection lg, but kena give it time kot.