Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Visit from In-Laws

Two consecutive nights of blogging, and then nothing...

That is so typically me, haha..

Okay, okay, before this blog gets abandoned for the hundredth time again, let's get back into the habit of writing once more.

The in-laws visited us last week (can that be an excuse?). So yes, i was extra busy playing the great hostess so come bed time I was too kancekerd to write anything. The in-laws came on a Thursday, which was a working day, and since it was a surprise visit, we didn't actually apply for leave. But it worked out ok as my BIL Matt and family also came along and they took care of the parents and house while we were at work. 

Thursday night, Hubs took everyone for a dinner out at Homst. Yum yums.... This is by far our favourite Chinese restaurant. We've had the seabass, the squid, the soft-shelled crabs, the beefball soup, the omelette and the stir fried Kailan. My mouth waters just listing the food out. The children, of course, went a little crazy as the cousins reunited. It was good to see the bonds between them, but bedtime was a total nightmare. Trying to get them to sleep was almost impossible!

Later that night Dila (Hubs youngest SIL) and her family came over to our house, since she heard that Mak, Abah, Matt and the family were here. Amazing how just tea and crackers and jolly good companies could keep the conversation flowing well into the night. The children thought it was their lucky night as nobody made them go to bed at their usual time...

For dinner on Friday, I decided to cook so we ate in. We kinda had to rush as we were going to go visit my sister-in-law (Sue) in Cheras who was hopsitalized for her recurring back pain (which we only found out that evening and were told that there was limited visiting hours at the hospital too). So everybody ate like a hurricane was coming and as fast as we could, got in the cars. It was Sue's birthday too so we celebrated her birthday in the ward. It's not fun celebrating your birthday in the ward with a back pain, nonetheless, but at least her Mom (who had given birth to her, and raised her) was by her side, and that made it all better. I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness it made me miss my Mom. No more birthday celebrations can ever be celebrated with the one person who had brought me into this world. In that sense, Sue is a very lucky person, albeit the back pain and all. Anyhow, Sue's discharged now, Alhamdulillah, but she did have to have some painful procedures done on her back before being released. No heavy lifting for six months to a year now.

Saturday morning, I cooked Nasi Lemak for brunch. Everyone was taking it easy and sleeping in so no point in cooking a massive breakfast so early in the day, right? The in-laws returned back to Muar around noon, as my FIL has a few wedding invitations to attend and he didn't want to be late.

It was great to have them with us for a few days. The children were especially ecstatic, and got quiet when the cousins had to leave. When their cousins Nina and Sofea left, they had the playroom to clean up (at this stage it was totally torn upside down), so that left them pouting in protest. 

Pandai main, pandai kemas, OK?

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