Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witch Craft

Today I took Aisyah to the museum. Sbnarnya skang ni tgh half-term break, so cuti sekolah seminggu. Terasa mcm baru je budak tu start sekolah September yg lps (and I didnt even get a chance to post a picture of her in full uniform lg!), tau2 dah setengah semester berlalu. Next cuti ialah cuti Krismas, wow, time sure flies!!!

Anyway, cuti2 mcm ni so I usually take her out for an hour or so, kalo x susah jg nak get any work done at home coz children get bored easily. So yeah, trade off kan sejam dua, for a day of quiet thesis writing afterwards.

Ok today the event we went was held at the museum, 5 mintues walk from home je. Bagusnya museum / library kat UK ni, selalunya bila cuti sekolah byk aktiviti for children are held for free ajor. So we have always made a point of attending. Since it's October 31st, so tema aktiviti hari ni adalah of course, Halloween. The project was Batty Book Making.

Here are pics of Aisyah while she did her art work. A journalist from the Plymouth Herald ada minta izin nak amik gmbr Aisyah, mungkin menengokkan ketekunan dia mengaler dan quite possibly because of her outfit, so I said yes. Kita tunggu dan lihat kalo2 gmbr nya selected. Last few weeks muka Aisyah ada masuk paper Herald ni jgk, but that's an entry for another time.

Lps dah habis projek yg tu, we went to another art project yg turut berlangsung pada waktu yg sama, iaitu 'The Big Map'. Projek ni involved kanak2 suh diorg lukis landmark or apa2 saja bangunan yg ada di Plymouth, and then bole stick their hasil beramai2 atas map Plymouth yg besar. Aisyah drew a castle complete with towers, and from some reason decided to stick it next to Toys R Us (geographically incorrect, but belasah la). Can you spot hers on the map? Top left, mounted in black sugar paper.

We had such fun at the museum. Satu lg reason suka pegi museum adalah his donation box. Play the video to see what happens bila kita drop duit masuk tabung dia. Sudahnya tiap2 kali pegi museum mesti buat amal jariah lebih sket to entertain Aisyah yg kept saying, 'Again! Again!'...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Erm... Hello?

Assalamualaikum... Hello.. hello... anybody home? *bunyi pintu berkeriuk dikuak* Err.. awkward gile nak start tulis blog setelah sekian lama menyepikan diri. Last entry was dated 9 July. Almost 4 months tu, a record for this blog. Well, dipendekkan cerita yg panjang, mmg penangan thesis and PhD. Masih lg menulis tesis, masih lg di UK, dan Alhamdulillah, masih lg sihat walafiat dan dilanjutkan usia... cuma most of the time mmg termengah2 always... mengejar deadline.. 

From time to time I think I will start to actively again post updates, but short short entry Insya Allah. Mostly becoz my Mom winduuu nak tgk gmbr cucu and baca celoteh anak dia hehe (dia yg ckp when we skyped online)... Although I frequent FB more often (daily, heck, hourly more like it T_T), I rarely post anything public or any pictures. Lately I think rugi giler x simpan kenang2an of our last few moments dkt UK, and Aisyah has made so, SO much progress in school with reading and counting and her art work, I think mmg it's a shame to let it all go undocumented. And yes, I'll say it out loud, I miss blogging. Every blue moon I muncul jg dkt blog org, komen here and there, and see what my blogging friends are up to, tp nak start menulis sendiri punya lah malas. Hopefully after this I'll do them in bite sizes so that I don't have to spend a lot of time writing, just a few lines at a time. Maybe even re-cap the whole summer that went un-blogged, tee hee! 

Ok, as for now, one latest pic from Aisyah mewakili kami. It's the night if October 30th, so yeah, it's Halloween here if you're wondering what's up with the Wicked Witch Hat. Notice the boxes piled high behind her? Yeah, a constant reminder of the imminent date of moving back home! (stress nya nak menyiapkan tesis on the dot!)