Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brain Power

Just capturing a nightly routine with Aisyah - Tasmi' session. Tasmi' is where I listen and correct Aisyah on her hafazan (memorization) of the Quran. Her teacher will WhatsApp the parents 2-3 verses which the students have to recite and memorize as a a recap for the day's lesson in school or as a preparation for tomorrow's class. So far, so good. But at 8, Aisyah still needs a lot of guidance. If I don't invite her to sit and start the Tasmi' session, she will gladly 'forget' it, but I will be sure to get a WA from her teacher tomorrow reporting that she has struggled for the following lessons. So best we all keep it a half hour date, every night :D

Aisyah is looking away from me in this pic because she is reciting the verses from memory and insists that she is not cheating (she isn't). It is amazing how fast children learn and remember. Half an hour is enough for memorizing several verses, with the least of effort. They are pure and innocent, that's why. Wish they could stay this way forever ...

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