Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 - Clutter Away!!!

In the end, smlm (Monday, a Bank Holiday dkt UK ni), I still pergi lab, tp masuk lps lunch la. Just utk amik momentum and things rolling, if anything la kan. And boy am I glad I went. At least dpt la renew overdue books, kemas kini my desktop, did some filings of my academic journals, then did a little shopping utk peralatan sekolah dan tahun baru hihi... Yg ni bkn shopping suka2, dah mmg ada budget utk pembelajaran. Even better, I got almost all of them for half price or reduced price, coz dah lps Xmas kan. Me sooo excited!

Among the stuff that I got yesterday was a 2010 Filofax idaman hati. Aku ni mmg jenis manusia x bole study tanpa benda ni. Dari masa high school lg, dah ada benda ni. Dulu2 dpt free, sekolah bg, utk catat homework. Then sampai la ke zaman undergrad, beli sendiri cap UPM lg heheh, mainly utk catat assignments and all the meetings yg kena hadir, almaklum lah, dolu2 I org kuat Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa Kolej (oh kenangan!). X cukup ngan tu, masuk Kelab Kompang, Kelab Gamelan, PBSM, dan ntah apa ntah lg x ingat. How else nak remember all that kan kalo x catit?

Anyway, habit tu terbawa2 la masa MSc pon, tp usually dpt planner free dah by this time sbb dah keja. Skang ni terpaksa la beli sendiri, tp no hal la. Ooo sila jgn suruh I beli BlackBerry ke, iPhone ke, PDA ke, or download free planner online ke, sbbnya I am old school and just like to leaf through my planner to see and add things to do my day, without the hassles of trying to type on a ridiculously small-sized screen and fumble mumble with the keypads or waiting for my computer to boot up before being able to check my day. Not to mention I sokmo lupa charge battery and oh, one small hurdle - I x dak duit utk di spend kat gadget itu heh :)

And then I also bought this wall calender to replace my old desk calender. This one has got 3 columns, so senang nk letak stuff for me in one column (seminar, meeting, etc), then stuff for Hubs in another column (futsal, interview) and stuff for Aisyah in the last column (check ups, playdates, etc). It comes with stickers and a pen marker utk catatan, cool eh? Whatever pon, I think it looks good on my boring wall, very colourful and ceria gitu.

I also splurged a little on stickers. Don't worry, they cost less than 1 pound coz of clearance. I intend to use them as a small reward for my effort and productivity if the day goes well. You see, these stickers have 'Well Done', 'Excellent', 'Fantastic', and 'Good' written on them. So on days when things are going great I will reward myself with a 'Fantastic' sticker and stick it in my Filofax entry for that day. They are so damn cute mmg excited tgk. So jika asyik2 dpt 'good' sahaja, or worst, x deserve pon a sticker for a number of days in a row, then bole la sit back and reflect balik why this is so and then amik corrective measures. Ok x? Hehe apo la, patutnya method ni dah bole guna kt Aisyah, tp Ibu Aisyah pon still nk main stickers2 lg... Layan kan je la... hehe...

A few days before Xmas I had bought this 'accordion' looking thing. This is actually a folder, which I use as a place to store all my journal papers. Smlm baru la sempat kemas kini all papers. I also bought coloured labels utk sort out the papers into separate fields. How do you guys organize your papers ye? Digitally, I use text file je with *.bib extension to it, stored in the standard BibTex style, nanti senang nak call drpd LyX referencing function (I've blogged about it before).

Utk physical papers plak, I write on the top right hand corner of each paper the surname of the author, followed by the year of the publication, then the first word of the title (this is much like the BibTex format jg). So it looks like this "schwarz2008_concatenative". Before I put it into the folder under the letter 'S', I stick a coloured label for this paper to indicate whether what field of study it is. I have cooked up five so far that are related to my research, which are - Concatenative Sound Synthesis (red), Feature Extraction (green), Music Perception (yellow), Speech & Linguistics (blue), and Miscellaneous (orange). So for this particular paper, it gets a red label stuck onto its top right hand corner. If you guys have a better way of filing, please let me know. Bab2 filing ni I lemah, tu yg sukacita x psl tuh hehe... But saje je share kat sini, becoz sharing is caring...

Sbnarnya lps dah siap filing tu, br perasan yg the folder tu almost full dah. Aiyo. That's only for papers tau, theses org lain yg telah dibaca simpan dalam tempat lain. Mungkin nak kena gi beli another one for every year or beli yg lbh besar n diperbuat drpd besi terus kot. But at least filing system tu dah established. Sblm ni duk letak merata dlm several piles on my desk. Skang dah stored away neatly for easy retrieval. So Happy!

This is my workstation now. It's nothing to look at, but at least x de crap atas meja dah. I think I might want to get a plant for my desk, print some newer pics of Aisyah (gmbr atas desk tu gmbr dia raya 2 tahun lps) and maybe also pot pourri or whatever girlish, to make it more homey and hopefully increase productivity (Feng Shui, Zen, semua laaaa).

Speaking of productivity, I have set new goals for 2010:

1. To increase work productivity by:

---> following agreed Daily Schedule (ni biar la rahsia dulu, x implemen lg)
---> eliminate distractions (check FB, YM, emails, blogs (yikes!) at certain intervals only)
---> utilize speed reading (spt kursus yg dah pergi itu hari, read here)
---> spend 10 minutes at the end of the day to clear up workstation and plan next day's activity

2. To rise early (e.g. up by 5 am, sleep by 11 pm)

Yg ni relate dgn yg first. The earlier I get up, hopefully the more productive my day'll be. To read on the benefits of rising early, and how to do it, click here

3. To exercize, eat healthy, lose weight and look fab!

I thought I had lost some weight not long ago, but it keeps piling back now because winter makes me overeat. Plus Aisyah dah x menyusu sekuat dulu and I don't need to pump as much as before, but I haven't reduce my caloric intake pon, tu yg contribute to the weight tu. Now I realize that indeed, I have a problem, and for a start will cut back on my portion size and snacks. And whenever I can, nak grill or roast aje la daging2, senang keja I, x yah susah payah masak, just bung it all in the oven, woo hoo!

Not only that, I plan to exercize in the morning from home (nak bgn awal kan skang? hehe). I have a gym membership card, tp x gi2 pon gym nya lately, bcoz x cukup masa. But I found this smlm, and will try to do the home circuit in the comfort of my own home. And I will try to walk more. I know I walk everywhere, sbb x de kereta, but I guess dah x de efek kot sbb hari2 buat, so I am going to choose the hilly road now or will increase my tempo (brisk walking). Several of my friends have actually declared that they have lost a lot of weight in 2009. Please oh please let 2010 be my year!

4. Save more money, and pay more debt

Oyis ada debt?!?! Ye le, sapa x de, PTPTN pon kira debt apa. So will try to pay this off more now, and hopefully savings pon bertambah jg, kot2 la nak kena extend PhD ke (after 6 months dah x de elaun dah), or jalan2 Europe pon sounds nice ;)

Ok tu je la so far. Hopefully istiqamah la new year resolution nih :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shall I Stay or Shall I Go

Weih... baru tahu 28 December ni UK Bank Holiday, bcoz Boxing Day fell on the Saturday this year. Ooo ini berita baik... atau kah berita buruk? huhu... Niat di hati nak gi opis esok, sbb nya, if I wasn't mistaken, my SV ckp he will be back on Monday 28th (esok), so it's only logical for me to be there as well. X kan la anak murid nak cuti lg lama dari sifoo plak kan?

But I know the heating in the building won't be up and running until the 3rd January of next year, sbb Uni mmg tgh break ni, so kena bundle up la kalo nak gi jgk esok. I wouldn't worry, sbb nya akan ada org dlm my lab tu, si Al tgh kejarkan thesis dia, so he'll definitely be there, but really, if it's a public holiday tomorrow, that changes things no? Ooo.. should I stay or should I go?

Ni pon baru nak gi masak lauk utk esok (if I were to go tomo, kena masak lunch siap2 utk kesayangan dua org tu). But seeing that it's nearly 10 pm, and kalo betul esok public holiday... hmmm... malas la pulok! Baik berehat ajo... Masak esok aje la kalo dah x gi lab tu... Tp bukan kah aku sudah cukup rehat cukup makan these few days? Plus I am so dead lah in terms of work, not to mention ntah di mana my writing momentum itu sudah pergi.... Jgn berangan nak keja dari rumah, usually x berhasil... Adeh... pening la pikir pjg2.... What to do... What to do...

Ok, sblm pening itu melarat, jom layan gambar2 Boxing Day. X sakan mana pon shopping nya. Keluar pon dah lambat, as I said before, x de benda specific pon that I was gunning for. And in my opinion, mcm x de beza sgt la Boxing Day Sale dgn hari2 pre-xmas yg lps. Or is it just me? Ntah la... So in the end we bagged a few kiddies clothes utk Aisyah dearie dari kedai Next (sungguh x bole tahan la masuk bhg kanak2), a tank top and 2 layered T-shirts for Hubs, undergarments for yours truly, seketul mangkuk Pyrex, hair bands utk Aisyah and groceries. Ye groceries. X glamer langsung pembelian kitaorg. But I still have a couple more things to get during this sales season, tgk la esok2 nnt.

Suasana Sales on Boxing Day circa 11 am-ish. X crowded mana pon..

Lunch makan Cheese n Onion Pasty aje, x de pilihan

Ni la satu2 nya bakery yg bukak smlm -- Oggy Goggy. Queue sampai luar kedai

Posing jap sementara taking a breather

I think this bag from Clark's is very pretty, no?

Dresses and trousers bought for Aisyah

Aisyah's mini pony tails tied using her new hair bands

Ni saja je, sbb gi beli grocery terjumpa kopi nama Suraya (my SIL). Hehe

Mental list:
- skinny J's (dah cari tp saiz 10S x de, ada 10L je, i yg vertically challenged ni x sokerrr....)
- handbags kiriman org
- sweater for Hubs
- kuali Tefal
- belt utk Aisyah seluar asyik londeh (my anak dara tggi dah saiz omputih, tp kt pinggang longgar)
- 2010 filofax

Tu je la kot. Hmm.. still x glamer list aku nih, apa bole buat, that's just who I am (and in all honesty, what I can afford). Okay la nak gi main2 ngan Aisyah. Lps tu nak mull over whether nak gi school ke x esok hmmm.... I kinda miss work.. (ok, ok, bkn miss sgt pon, kalo bole nak berguling2 je kat rumah, tp the longer I put off work, the more it'll come and bite me back in the arse for it, so kena la insafkan diri jgk huhu). But it's been nice to have a few days away from it all, get my sky-high laundry done, dried, and all folded... clean the bathroom from top to toe, spend quality time with my family, conquered the remote control and the tele for a change (I never had time for movies etc), and best of all... sleep in sampai Aisyah yg tido next to me on the bed wake up first every morning and gouge my biji mata out so that I can make her breakfast. Bliss!

Why wouldn't I want to wake up to Aisyah's antics like this one here (duduk dalam my Arch Folder Box, previously guna wat isi journal papers)..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Late Night Call

Ok nak tulis jgk sbb nya baru sgt berlaku, even aku pon terketar2 ni. Skjp satni, Aisyah main telepon, aku buat x kisah je la, duk ngadap laptop ni. Dia tekan2 nombor, pastu dia menceceh2 kat phone. Aku biarkan aje. Lately nih hobby dia berckp kat fon, dia perasan dia calling2 Nek Mi dia kat Msia la tu.

Lama la jgk dia main tepon tu, sampaikan aku dgr ada mcm org reply di hujung talian. Pastu aku pon amik la gagang tu, terdgr mcm org ckp '... get your mom...'. Baru nak dgr selanjutnya, Aisyah gi tekan tempat letak fon tu plak and the line went dead. Aku pon shrugged it off la, sbb x tahu dgr betul ke x telinga aku ni, sbbnya it was just for a split second.

Then aku pegi alih fon tu, letak tmpt tggi sket, but I must've put the phone wrong sbb still terdgr mcm 2 org berckp2 lg kat fon tu... Aku pon angkat la gagang and I heard ada 2 callers kat fon tgh berckp2. Salah seorg tu dia sebutkan alamat penuh rumah aku kpd seorg lg (kira mcm caller A bgtau caller B la ni, aku caller C overheard the whole thing). Haik, curi line ke? Risau gak sbb alamat rumah aku ni. X pasl2 kang sampai bill menggunung kang, parah... Apa hal ni?

Aku pon sebut la 'Helo'

Caller A: Oh Hello. Is anyone there? This is the police. We've got a call from your house just now. Is there an emergency?

Aku: Oh God! It's my daughter!!! *Nada panic!*

Caller A: How old is she?

Aku: She's 18 months old

Caller: How is she right now?

Masa ni baru sedar yg jawapan aku tu seolahnya Aisyah pengsan atau x bernafas etc, so terpaksa la explain n apologize...

Aku: No, no... she's fine. I mean, I apologize for all this. She's been playing with the phone just now.

Police tu gelak je la. Yg caller lg satu tu aku rasa operator, yg ckp 'get your mom' td tu, rupanya dia gi report kpd police yg ada panggilan dibuat drpd rumah aku (hence yg aku terdgr alamat aku tu on the fon). Adoi la, Aisyah pegi dail 999 rupanya. Bahaya betul! Dah la mlm2 Xmas, buat panic police yg kerja overtime je, kesian depa. Nasib baik la aku pi menyampuk, bole settle kan cpt2, kalo x, ntah 10 minit lg pintu dpn police dtg ketuk, lagi haru!

Oh well, at least I know police sini gile cekap. Any call pon diorg treated bersungguh2, sanggup follow up tu, even budak kecil je membebel2. Sbb mana la tahu betul2 emergency kan. Harap nya x jadi lg la insiden mcm ni. Syukur la diorg found it funny and x charge aku atas false call td. Adui...

Ni dia budak yg buat muka x bersalah itu... Hiiii...

Ok betul2 nak kena stop ni. Dia gi tuang air atas kerusi makan plak ni. Hamboi2 enjoy nye dia x de sapa control....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lovin' My Days Off

Kemalasan tahap tertinggi tgh melanda. Makanya masak Mee Sup campak2 je mlm ni hehe. Gmbr kelabu pon malas nak re-take. Terima la seadanya haha.

Sbnarnya tgh enjoy2 lepak umah ngan family. Tetiba rasa cam kita plak beraya hehe. Happy satu mcm je. X gi mana pon, just enjoying the break from the routine. So kengkawan yg balik Msia (ramai nih yg balik), don't feel guilty. Aku yg x balik pon sakan gak berehat hehe...

Esok Boxing Day. Plan nya nak menyemakkan bandar saja2 tgk items on sale. X de particular idea nak beli apa, just a few things yg org Msia kirim. Tp kalo ada skinny jeans murah2 or high boots ke, or baju budak2 yg murah2 ke, or even kuali Tefal and bekas Pyrex bole consider (eh, mcm byk la plak, ingatkan x de apa2 dlm kepala td, serius <--- tu psl you should always put your thoughts down, dlm kepala nmpk mcm xde apa2, rupanya byk gak tuh.. hmmmmm....). Tgk la mcm mana esok. Kena control kan diri, kalo x kang, ujung bulan ikat perut, aiyo! Ok la tu saja coretan ringkas hari ni. Alang2 dah mengejar sales akhir tahun tu kan, pada sesapa yg bole mari la kita sesama mengejar 'Sales Ukhrawi', yakni puasa 9 dan 10 Muharam (26, 27 Disember). Kejar sales tu jgn x kejar... Untung dunia, untung akhirat hehehe...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My London Workshop

Smlm gi London sbb ada 4th Digital Music Research Network Workshop kat Queen Mary University, London. Bangun seawal 4 pg utk bersiap, bertolak ke stesen keretapi dari rumah pkl 5.30 pg, dan bergerak dari Plymouth Railway Station naik tren utk 5.53 pg. And it had snowed a little in the morning as well. Mmg sejuk Tuhan saja yg tahu.

Anyway, kesejukan terubat bila dpt tahu rupanya I booked tiket 1st Class. Woo hoo! Dpt seat sorg yg besar lg selesa, kerusi leather, ada window, table and power socket. Pastu dpt air juice / coffee / tea and muffins / shortbread / banana / yoghurt free. Coolness! Tp syg nya, dgn kerusi yg begitu selesa pon x bole nak tido. Slalunya bila travel sefamily, mmg konfem payah nak tido sbb gilir2 nak pegangkan Aisyah, tp haik, travel solo pon x leh tido jgk ke? Mungkin sbb dah jaga tu kan, payah la pulok mata nak lelap. So I ended up baca journal papers (terasa diri begitu smart and accomplished gitu, sbb semua businessmen pon pagi2 tu wat kerja or at least baca newspaper). Dah tamat dua papers, I switched to baca majalah pulok. Hehe.. jauh gabak London nih. How do you kill 4 hours?

First Class Coach

Spjg jalan dpt tgk la transition from the warmer part of UK (Plymouth) to the fields yg memutih dgn snow right after Exeter St Davids, and the creek that got frozen over, then ke snow setebal 5 inci di Reading. This is right before Reading, breathtaking kan snow dia!

After a 30-minutes delay because of the faulty network points, akhirnya sampai jg ke London Paddington Station. Dari situ, gi London Underground and amik Bakerloo Line pergi ke Oxford Circus. Then tukar lg amik Central Line pergi ke Mile End Station. Then jalan kaki ke Queen Mary. If you think the railway system kat Msia pon dah confusing, yg ni mmg beribu2 lemons lg pusing, but once you go over the map, it's pretty straightforward. But still, it was no place for kiddies as hundreds of people people were running, and rushing, and pushing and just literally shoving their ways into the tube, especially at peak times. A little harrowing, but I guess that's just how it is.

The workshop itself was brilliant! I won't bore my readers with the details, but suffice to say I have several new ideas and free digital musical tools I want to try out from the workshop. And my act of patiently 'Googling' speakers off the Internet has also paid well, coz it meant that I could I could put names to faces (and act all knowingly when we greeted each other over coffee and lunch ----> network jgn x network!). They would be surprised and go, 'Oh, have we met?' when I addressed them by their names and then spoke a little about their field (obvious I would HAVE to know them bcoz they are prominent people in the Digital Music world, and moi could only hope that one I will be like them too, but no, buat masa ni they have no idea who I was, and better remained that way la kot hehehe). Also, through the 'Effective Reading' method that I picked up, I managed to read quite quickly almost all recent papers of these speakers, so I got a gist of what their research was about, makanya idak le teman seperti katak di bawah tempurung sgt masa lecture or beramas mesra di dewan makan (I am well-chuffed about that hehe).

Sebenarnya, I purposely prepared myself with all this info, becoz last time, at a symposium in Bristol, I learnt this, ermmm the 'embarrassing' way. I had always been fascinated by Collins' work yg hampir mampir dgn my project. And on that day, I was early and sat there in the auditorium, waiting for the talk to start, and this young guy sat in the seat next to me. Kitaorg borak2, and I said my field was Concatenative Sound Synthesis. He got interested and probed more. Lps tu the talk started and after a few speakers went up, mamat yg kat sebelah tu bole bgn and present kat dpn. Alamaks, dia ni la Collins, tp muda nyaaaaa! Gila x sangka... Nasib baik la x ckp td, 'I am following closely the work of Collins'! Sejak itu, mmg study la muka-nama-research paper speakers sungguh2!

Ok terbabas jg kalo dah berckp psl research ni. Anyway, in conclusion nya, semua best, even keynote lecture pon besh. Aku balik lps Tea, dlm pkl 4 mcm tu sbb konon nak jalan2 London la. Plus, lps tea tu topic semua x relevan ngan aku, ada 3 talks je lagi, semua psl Multimedia Networks, etc, so aku pon amik keputusan utk challo la. Pusing2 jap kawasan Queen Mary utk amik2 gmbr, especially coz the snow was still on the ground. Best je jalan bunyi crunch crunch crunch (of ice and snow) underneath my boots, baru la rasa winter sebenar :)

London, I found, was a very cold place. Bkn sahaja sejuk, tp org nya jg, agak dingin. I'd heard this many, many times before, ingatkan stereotype je la, but it is kinda true. It seems like people here are always rushing around, certainly no place to raise a baby sbb mcm x baby-friendly je facilities dia. Pastuh students QMUL sendiri, hamboih, mcm ada sedkit ekk gitu (holier-than-thou attitude). But maybe bcoz diorg pengajur kan, so ramai student sendiri yg attented, and they kinda just stuck together, x mingle2. Patut la my ex-SV (SV masa MSc dulu, dia pernah wat PhD kat Imperial College, London), said that the 1st year dia wat keja dari rumah shj, x masuk lab, sbb rasa inferiority yg amat kuat. Kalo begini la student2 dia, mmg faham lah aku. Nasib baik la x wat PhD kat sini (nyaris dah isi borang dah!), mmg kiok la aku nervous breakdown agaknya. It made me missed Plymouth yg ulu itu, serius! (padahal windu Aisyah la tu masa tu). But yeah, after all that I kutuk-ed Plymouth, I think I'd rather stay here :)

(PS: Aku x de niat nak down kan students / warga Msia yg kat London ke apa ye, if anything aku salute mereka yg bole survive and study kat London. I'm just saying London is different than my Plymouth -- cheh dan2 tu ngaku 'my' Plymouth tu. X bole tahan).

Ok, sbb aku ada a few hours before my train to Plymouth arrives, aku pon berjalan la ke hulu ke hilir sorg2, gaya tourist gitu. Gi Trafalgar Square, gi Marble Arch, gi London Bridge. Lalu dpn London Dungeon, Madamme Tussauds, terus teringat zaman pergi satu family (my Dad, my Mom, my brothers and me a decade ago masa kitaorg still kanak2). Mahal la tiket2 dia, GBP21.45 sorg. Huh, x kuasa nak pergi lg. Lg pon semua tempat tu dah tutup coz it was 5 pm already at that time.

Rupanya giler bohsan ye jalan sorg2. Lebih bosan lg sbb tmpt2 ni dah pergi pon dulu2. Cuma Hubs and Aisyah je x sampai lg. Bila dah travel sendiri baru la appreciate effort my Dad bersungguh2 bawak kitaorg pusing London. Dulu kan ikut aje, satu hapa pon x kluar duit. Dah la tu, buat perangai masam and fed up je manjang (teenagers kan), walhal bapak aku tuh nak instilled some cultures dalam diri anak2 dia, bawak gi tempat bersejarah. Dah tua2 ni baru la faham what the hype was all about hehe. Mintak hampun Ayah! :P

Sampai2 London Bridge plak bridge nye tgh renovation, x de pon lampu2 indah di waktu malam. Bengang betul la. Penat je jalan kaki dari stesen tube. Semakin meluap2 la perasaan nak balik Plymouth aku tu. Mula teringat, bestnya kalo ada family skali jln2 kat London. Geli je, padahal baru sehari tggalkan diorg. Mula la rasa jauh nya aku travel. Mcm mana la nak gi conference seminggu summer nanti? Tsk. Ok ni gmbr2 kembara jalanan solo yg keboringan. Maaf terpaksa cam-whoring, sbb sendiri muka sendiri amik :P

Nak dijadikan cerita, on the way balik tu, mcm x cukup masa nak berkejar balik ke London Paddington, sbb org ramai, and asyik queue, plus ada lift rosak maka kena queue lg. Masa ni serius dah berdebar, baca2 doa and segala ayat2, sbb nya my train leaves at 7.03 pm, and at 6.50 pm masih dlm tube lg!

Sampai je London Paddington, terus lari all the way, all those flights of stairs, tolak abis pakcik2 tua, budak2 kecik apa semua (I'm not proud of this, tp terpaksa). Breathless, terbatuk2, and nyaris terkucil, akhirnya I found Platform 4 to Southwest and at 6.58 pm, Alhamdulillah, dah masuk dlm tren, tp di gerabak H. My gerabak was A, so terpaksa la berjalan a long way to my seat.

Ingatkan selesa mcm pg td, rupanya silap besar daaa! I forgot this was near Christmas, and keretapi penuh mcm haram! Ye, penumpang haram pon ramai, you would think that this train was in the 3rd world country okeh? Sbbnya bersepah2 and mcm tin sardin. Ramai rupanya Londoners dah start balik kampung. Mmg sohih lebih ramai penumpang drpd seats, sbbnya sampai ada yg sanggup duduk / berdiri / lepak depan toilet, dpn pintu kecemasan, etc. Dah la carry beg2 besar apa semua, dgn bags of shopping, etc. Imagine, dari Coach H ke Coach A, dah 20 minit keretapi berlepas pon I still was pushing my way through. Begitu sesak skali dkt aisle org berdiri2. Kecoh sgt. Yg confuse nak cari seats x jumpa2, sekali jumpa seat tp org lain dah duduk (kes salah tempat, ok dimaafkan), yg ada seat tp org lain dah duduk (kes org xde tiket berlagak ada tiket, so ada adegan rebut merebut sampai kondukter tren dtg).

Bila sampai at my seat, mmg ada mamat lain dah duduk. Ewahhh... enaknya dia duduk kat seat aku yg telah di reserve awal2 tuh. Ntah dia dah byr tiket ke belom pon x tau. Tp he got up and went somewhere else without much hassle, so I sat at my rightly seat. Penat gile, dgn tercungap2 lari x hilang lg. I shuddered at the thought that I might not have made it td. Kalo x kena tunggu lg sejam for the next train to Plymouth, and byr ltambah harga tiket lg GBP50. Syukur sgt2 Ya Allah!

I ate my burger and chip and sipped my Coke quietly (kat London byk kedai fastfood halal murah2) whilst reading one of Kinsella's books. Sedikit ralat sbb hajat di hati nak beli Krispy Kreme doughnuts utk Hubs and Aisyah (kat Plymouth x de), tp x sempat beli apa2 selain fride magnet aje. Tp still bersyukur la.

I arrived at 11.30 pm at home. Terus peluk cium rangkul gomol ngan Aisyah. Rindu beb! Itu la dia pengalaman aku ke London... Sekian.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time Just Sails Past You

Saja bubuh entry ni, sbb nya today I am in London, attending a Digital Music workshop, so no real-time update (this one is scheduled). Just nak share betapa my Aisyah is a grown toddler now, dah konfiden and berani naik rides sorg2, x mau Ibu pegang. Cliche as this may sound, nak sebut jg la, 'How time flies!'

Siap ada gaya kan pulas2 steering (or the correct term for it is the 'helm'). Cuma x tahan nya, bila time nak balik aje, mesti menagis2 x puas. Mcm kes naik Carousel hari tu juga la. Nmpknya tiap2 kali gi town kena bawak 50p utk Aisyah naik rides dah lps ni. (Pirate ship ni 50p utk 3 minit ride, dkt Armada Shopping Centre, where Sainsbury's is).

P/S: Best giler upload time Uni cuti dah ni, konfem x dak org. Video ni 14.4 MB, tp less than a minute tu utk upload. Marbeles!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

(Muslim-Style) Thanksgiving

Well, bkn la Thanksgiving, becoz we had Bacaan Yassin and Doa Selamat, instead of Doa Kesyukuran. The event was long planned (with a big fat turkey bird involved! ----> hasrat nak makan turkey ni dah lama sebenarnya diorg cooked up), as a birthday bash utk Shue n Bard pon asalnya, tp Shue herself couldn't be there. We are all still praying and hoping that Shue's mother in Malaysia gets well soon....

The event was held at Hasnol's place. Bapak besar rumah Hasnol, and very modern with hardwood flooring. Kesian my Aisyah fell flat on her back and terhantuk kepala kat lantai because she tripped on a plastic carrier bag that was strewn on the floor. Alhamdulillah la x benjol or bengkak, and Syukur jg coz we had two (Medical) Doctors amongst the guests that night. So lps iced kan Aisyah's head, and check2 lebih kurg (after her cries subsided), it looked as if x de apa2, cuma terkejut je. Time2 mcm ni mmg rasa keuntungan rumah fully-carpeted against other floorings. X tahu la mcm mana bila dah balik Msia nanti, lantai rumah kitaorg tiles, huhu... Harap2 nya tiada la adegan yg x diingini..

Anyway, di kesempatan ni nak ucapkan terima kasih kpd Tuan Rumah, Tuan Penganjur, Tuan Chefs, AJKs yg berkerja keras utk siap buat Lucky Dip and Pop Quiz bagai. It was fun, memorable and we all had a great time, as can be seen in the pics that follow:

Turkey, the bird


Side dishes


Junk food

Aisyah & Aqil

Aqil & Hubs

Aisyah dgn Danish Butter Cookies yg dimenangi dlm Lucky Dip

Kaum Adam Plymouth

Kaum Hawa Plymouth