Saturday, August 20, 2016

Happy 60th, Ayah!

Naturally what comes a day after compulsory retirement in Msia is --- the pensioners' 60th Birthday!!

So to celebrate this occasion, our big family went to have dinner at Johnny's on the 11th August 2016. Growing up, there are only three of us siblings - my two younger brothers and I - so it is really awesome to see how the once small sized family has grown larger - with each of us siblings blessed with a spouse and two children of our own (a total of 6 grandchildren), and also since Ayah married Cik Ni, I instantly have another stepbrother too.

So, here we are... all of us...

After the hearty meal, we all went to Dataran at Putrajaya to enjoy cake. It was quite late, but no birthday would be complete without a cake, so cake we had haha. It was nice being outdoor late in the night, not much cooler than the balmy (it was a very balmy night), but at least it wasn't scorching hot like during the day. The kids really went wild, running around chasing one another, a sign that they were on the loose as they never really got to go out that late at night, to scoff down cake, to boot.
We sang Happy Birthday to Ayah and he then opened up his birthday pressies, consisting of a shirt, a pair of Pelikat pants and a pair of sunglasses. The grandkiddos thought their grand dad looked hilarious wearing all three items in one go!

One for the pic:

I don't mean to be sappy, but big milestones or celebrations like this one is always leaving me feeling a mixture of emotions. I keep thinking of how things would have been if my late Mom was still with us, you know, like growing old together with my dad and stuff, and that makes me extremely sad. But then I remember that is about making the most of what and who you still have, and that I'm extremely blessed that there's no shortages of happy moments like this one, and I am happy and grateful for that. 

I guess it's true what they say about love - it is always bitter sweet. I'm just praying that there's more of the sweeter bits than the bitter parts ;)

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