Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Asthma and Eczema

Last week Zayd seemed to be wheezing and coughing and finding it hard to sleep through the night. he had also had an allergic attack (to what we never found out) and a small patch on his skin seemed too dry and rough and itchy. This had all seemed too familiar, so we took Zayd to the clinic.

The Doctor confirmed our suspicions. Zayd, like his sister Aisyah, is most likely asthmatic, and thedry patch on his skin is of course, eczema. Although he hasn't been fully diagnosed as asthmatic (in Malaysia they don't diagnose asthma untul the child is 6), Zayd has been prescribed with Salbutamol and Ventolin syrup (no inhaler yet), hydrocortisone and aquous cream for his eczema. When Aisyah was about Zayd's age (3.5 yrs old), she had her own inhalers (one is brown coloured for prevention, and a blue one for when an attack takes place) with the volumatic paediatric chamber and we had to chart her breathing nightly. She couldn't use normal soap and was prescribed with bottles and bottles of the aquous cream (see pic below - from the pharmacy in Mutley, Plymouth). Alhamdulillah as she grows older, it doesn't flare so often and asthma attacks are very rare nowadays. We pray Zayd's case never gets as severe as what Aisyah had been and that it will slowly disappear as he grows older too. In the meantime, we just have to monitor things for him and figure out ways to reduce the attacks.


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