Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ayah's Retirement 'Do

Last Wednesday (10 August 2016), was my Dad's last day working as a civil servant. He retired after serving the Government agency for more than thirty years, at age 60 years old. He has always been a very hardworking and easygoing person, and well liked by his colleagues.

This past week, I was soooo busy with attending the curriculum workshop at work that I didn't plan properly of Ayah's Big Day. It was only that morning that I realized it was going to be his last day, so I rang him up to see if he wanted me to take some photos of him clocking out for the last time. He'd said yes, and I didn't think much of it.

Later that afternoon, with a self-made A3 banner saying 'Life Begins On Your 2016 Retirement' in hand, I drove to his office. I was shocked to see there was a Send Off party going on at full swing, with his colleagues giving off speeches and praising him, photoshoot sessions, food, balloons, prezzies and cakes. I felt like I had gatecrashed a party of some sort and so underdressed, at that. But some of his collegues knew me and the rest were all friendly and treated me like I was on their list of invited guests huhu.. (a bit embarrassing to be honest).

I didn't stay long as I had to go pick up the kids from school. But I'm so happy to be part of Ayah's big day. He's been there for all my major milestones -- wedding, birth of children, BSc, MSc and PhD graduations, and many more, so I really wanted to be there for him too.

Happy Retirement, Ayah. I hope he finds peace and the time to do things which he loves now that he doesn't have to conform to the office hours anymore. May you be blessed with love, health, wealth and happiness always!


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