Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Three and Free

I've written an update on Aisyah last night, so it's only fair to let Zayd has his turn tonight :D

Zayd is a playful 3 years old. He brings a lot of laughter and love in the family. He has a very strong determination - when he sets to do something, he will get it one way or another. For example, a cookie. Before bed. Adeh... but that doesn't mean that he's 'degil'. No, he's past the tantrum throwing stage. He uses psychology. And lots and lots of acting skills. For instance, if he wants the said cookie, he doesn't roll on the floor and cry, but instead, he will ask if anyone is hungry (because he is). Then if nobody falls for his bait, he will start rubbing his tummy and start saying that he has a stomachache. And he's a pretty convincing actor as well, bless him. so it's hard to say no.

Pretty and convincing. A lethal combination. I always lose. Haha

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Mama Zharfan said...

lama i tak singgah sini :) bzbeee ;)
salam iedulfitri to u and ur family