Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cite Seeing

Whilst a lot of people are enjoying their Bank Holiday sight seeing, and I am still stuck here in the lab, pfft! But it almost makes it worth it when I suddenly found that one of my older publications (from my MSc research) is cited by others.

Okay la no biggie, you say. I am normally very chuffed pon bila org cite my work to begin with sampai keep a tab on who cited me tuh, pathetic, I know! , but this time I am SUPER PLEASED, bcoz yg cite ni bkn calang2 org, but the Mahaguru dalam area tersebut himself. And no, I did not Google up my own name this time (how vain!, tsk), but surprisingly I found it in a paper that I thought was rather relevant to my field now. So, kiranya mcm extra surprising la to find my name in there.

Gini la, utk mudahkan cerita, masa aku wat MSc dulu (2005), I was following closely the work of GT nih. There's this particular journal article by him (written by GT in 2002) tu sampai jadi budu la aku study dpn blkg. Lunyai abes paper. Mmg dahsyat la kerja dia, and aku pernah gak email dia skali dua (to which he replied) sbb x berapa paham psl technique dia tuh.

So could you blame me for being uber excited now bila tgk a more recent paper (2007), dia telah meng-cite balik hasil result aku setelah aku guna alter sket technique dia to suit my niche?! Biar benor! Ni buktinya.

Evidence of him citing my work (my paper is where my finger is showing). Abaikan jari kuku yg dah kekuningan itu. Ini la nama postgrad mommy sejati, di samping bertungkus lumus study la sgt, tgn tetap ada kesan gaul garam kunyit bukti masak utk anak dan suami <--- poyo nya ayat x hengat nih, padahal nak cover manky nails dia jek!

Kalo nak tahu, perasaan nya adalah lebih hebat drpd masa aku terserempak ngan Mawi kat airport masa zaman kegemilangan dia dulu (2006). Masa tu mmg sampai I was fanning myself la. X caya tanya Hubs. Berapi je kawan tu kat sebelah tgk I hyperventilating nmpk Mawi hehehe.

PS: Ini bkn super-imposed.

Lg kan org follow blog aku lps aku follow blog dia pon aku dah tersengih2 kegirangan, apatah lg something yg ada more substantial value mcm ni... Almost makes it up for not being able to go sight seeing myself (almost la tp!) ;P


Liyana said...

That's an achievement! Tahniah :)

Oyis said...

thank u :)

WanYgBest said...

wow...that's great!! congrats! i wish someone cited my work too..(but i'm still praying for my paper to be accepted for publication..dah bape kali kena reject nih...sigh)

thanks for visiting my blog...u can copy it, but like i said in my comment, i took it from facebook...hehehe

tun fatimah said...

Woot! Woot! congrats oyis! so happy for you!

miSs inTerpReted said...

wow!!!!i am so happy for you oyis! well done...