Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oyis Can!

I am in huge debt. These will need to be sorted in seven days, before my SV flies off for 4 weeks, and also during which he will present on my behalf at a conference, for our poster:

1. Finish coding the eigenvalues for the weight part (Saturday)
2. Finish designing poster for ICMC (Sunday)
3. Submit poster to SV for approval and corrections (Monday)
4. Get the poster printed in A0 and purchase postal tube and thumb tacks for presentation (Tuesday)
5. Finish off weight vs no weight experiment (Tuesday)
6. Quick write up on the result and submit to Prof prior to discussion (Thursday)
7. Meeting with SV (Friday morning)
Things to bring forward at the meeting:
- posters and stationaries, receipts to claim printing
- weight vs no weight report
- demo sound composed based on the algorithm
- demo basic working interface for order-dependent part
- lay out work plans for summer (inclusion of fuzzy set approach)

Looks like I've got my work pretty much cut out for an entire week. In the meantime, my main is TO GET BETTER, health-wise :)

Insya Allah.


MRM said...

Oh, berpeluh saya baca list itu :P Sihatkan badan betul2 dulu. Lepas tu all out, you can do it! Good luck! :)

Unknown said...

good luck oyis, mas punya list pun pjg berjela..

moga sihat gak.. kami dah start sakit tekak n selesema balik..

Diya's Look Book! said...

get well soon! and good luck!