Saturday, February 2, 2008

This Is Goign to Be Our New Home, Baby!

Late 2005, Hubs and I bought a house. We learnt two weeks ago that the house is all done and ready, but it wasn't until today that Hubs and I finally had the opportunity to get the keys and signed all the necessary paperworks.

Of course Hubs and I were beyond ecstatic when we first turned open the key to our house. It was built just as it had been showcased. Although a major scrubbing and cleaning session was clearly in order, we were very, very, very happy to say the least. This was going to be our home sweet home. And I couldn't help but sending a mental message to baby saying, 'Baby, this is our house!'

After taking a complete tour for the very first time, I called Yzma to ask for some pointers and tips on moving into a brand new home, and she was more than happy to offer plenty. It was not long ago that she and her husband had completed their own renovation projects and moved into their new house, so everything was still fresh in her mind.

As it was, both Yzma and her husband were having lunch somewhere not far from where our new neighbourhood was, so we invited them over to stop by. When they got here, Faizal, Yzma's husband, gave a lot of pointers on what to-do and what-not-to-do later on when we decided to renovate, clean and move in. Just listening to the list made me tired. It sounded like a lot of work!

Maybe, just maybe, this was the hikmah if I never got that scholarship. Ahh... life is going to be good either way, Alhamdulillah........

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