Friday, March 28, 2008

Double Deliveries

What are the odds that you give birth at 31 weeks? Slim?

Then, what are the odds that both of the pregnant staff at your office gave birth within the same night, at the same hospital and placed in the same ward afterwards? Even slimmer.

Well, I'm not talking about me, but about Hubs' colleagues at work.

Azeda, staf Hubs dekat ofis tu, dah bersalinkan anak lelaki sulung dia kat Hospital Serdang smlm. Also, Rozi, sorg lg staf dekat tempat kerja Hubs yg baru masuk 31 weeks tp terpaksa melalui emergency c-section sbb dia tumpah darah akibat placenta previa. Wow, that was scary. But luckily, both Mom n Baby sihat, and baby x yah masuk incubator pon, sbb berat dia dah 2.2 kg!

Chumil nya baby si Rozi. He was soooo tiny, but perfect otherwise. Rasa jeles sket pon ada. Even though it definitely gave Rozi the fright of her life, at least she didn't endure the painstakingly long labour pain, her baby's here, healthy and all, she doesn't need to go through the waiting for the 40 mega-long gestational weeks to be over, and she no longer gains the pregnancy weight! Untungkan?! But given a choice, I'd rather my Baby stays full term, snug inside my belly. I wouldn't want to take a risk.

I didn't get to see Azeda nye baby coz dia dah balik a few minutes before we got there. Azeda ni bersalin normal, so as soon as Dr confirmkan tiada complications, dia dah discharged out of the hospital.

Sempat la aku meneropong sket wad bersalin kat Hosp Serdang ni. Buat masa ni still x decide nak bersalin kat mana. Hubs is pretty adamant on going to a govt hospital. He thinks they're all the same. Moi? Well, I'm pretty much torned. But should I come to a decision later, sod Hubs' thoughts, coz I'll be doing all the pushings later :P

Congratulations to both Moms and Babies!

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