Saturday, March 22, 2008

6th Clinic Visit

Jeng, jeng, jeng... that time of the time is here again. It's check up day! Funny how the term 'that time of the month' had used to refer to something of the total opposite - when Aunt Flo comes to visit, i.e. the Red Flag.

Anyway, ini adalah checkup utk bulan ke 6, atau pun lebih tepat lg minggu ke-25+. Seperti biasa, amik urine sample and everything looked fine there, the result, I meant, not the urine. I stepped on to the scale, and oh, the horror, I now weigh 71 kg. But that was expected, and I am kinda amused that it is still a gradual 2 kg increase. BP was 112/72.

And then came the dreaded part - 2nd dose of tetanus shot. But it wasn't that bad, as I told you before that Dr Sy was a wizard with syringes. A little antsy pain as it went in and that was all to it.

Plus I got to do another ultrasound today. After being denied the chance to have an ultrasound last month, would you blame me that I could barely contained myself from jumping up on the bed and pulling up my shirt to reveal my belly before Dr Sy could say, 'Okay, kita scan...'?

Alhamdulillah, Baby kelihatan sihat n baik2 sahaja, cuma that wasn't Dr Sy's concern. He was more transfixed on the placenta. It was still low-lying. Dr Sy did not look too happy but he told me not to be too alarmed. 'There's still time for it to migrate,' he says.

I asked for a printout of the ultrasound coz Hubs wasn't with me today. It did come out alright, but since the baby was already big, you could only print part of the baby, as the whole body would not fit the screen in one shot. What you can here see is the baby's head.

Overall, not so good news on the placenta front, but still plenty to be happy about. Especially now that Baby gives out mighty good kicks that I cannot miss every now and then :)

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