Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Here

The morning sickness, that is.

It crept slowly last week. Little by little. But this week, it kinda turned into a habit. I puke every single day. Usually around Maghrib time. Not that I'm complaining. It's kinda exciting to finally have some pregnancy symptoms. Really. At least I know the hormones that sustains this pregnancy are going up and good. To me, this is a real blessing.

But man, does it drain the energy out of you. I'm pretty much sapped out after a good puking session. Blurgh!

Note to self:
During this few weeks, please avoid Asam Pedas and Tauge. The chillies from the Asam Pedas do not go gentle on the throat when they come back up. As for the Tauge, well, being resurrected from the pit of the stomach as whole tauge really just grossed me out. Brrr...! {shivers}

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