Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1st Friend To Know

My office mate ET invited me over to her new apartment during lunch. She was having some guys from the furniture store to deliver a nice fancy couch to her apartment and she didn't want to be home alone when they came. 'Not a problem', I said.

The ride to her house was quite a bumpy one, with potholes and street bumpers scattered all along the way. Throughout the trip, we must've had some kind of animated conversation and ET, being excited, drove like she was driving a 4wd instead of a Kancil, so I had to tell her to go 'gentler' on the bumpers. To which she replied, 'Oh sorry. You're not pregnant, are you?'

I couldn't say No, could I? Besides, if anything, she's the closest person at the office so I might as well let it out. Okay, so officially, ET was the first in my group of friends to know.

Now that the truth was out, ET drove very carefully. And at her apartment, she wouldn't let me lift a thing. She even went as far as cooking lunch for me whilst waiting for the guys to get there. Yum, yum... All I had to do was be there to make the safety in numbers theory work. Hehehe....

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