Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Good Start...

Dah 5 hari masuk tahun baru 2010. So far, Alhamdulillah, it has been a good start.

I am trying to get up at my ideal target of 5 a.m. everyday, a task that seems really, really hard to do. Not only am I sleepy, but the cold! My Goodness, sgt susah tau nak ceraikan diri drpd lapisan duvet yg warm itu. Plus it doesn't help that Subuh skang masuk pkl 6 am lebih, and habis waktu pkl 8 am lebih. Mmg gelap n syok tido punya. But so far I have managed to pry myself away from the duvet at around 5.30-ish, or near 6 am, so not too bad. Cuma kdg2 Aisyah tersedar mintak susu, then terpaksa la postpone kejap keja tu. But as the Zen Master said, start slow, e.g. push your wake up time by half an hour earlier than normal, and gradually push it further until you've reached your desired wake up time. Ye, amalan mesti istiqamah...

Bagus bgn pg ni, kepala aman sket, pastu dpt 'meditate' lama sket, and then x terkocoh2 sgt, plus the positive feeling stays the whole day sbb you start your day right. Hopefully ini bkn amalan hangat2 tahi ayam...

Workwise, I believe I am taking longer than I should with the correction, but I have put a lot of thoughts to what I am writing, bkn sekadar scribbles yg ntah apa2, janji siap. I have tried speed reading, tp still ada prolem sket2, in which I normally skip my designated time for reading and do something else, (like blogging aiyo!), or even writing (bcoz kejarkan masa). Man, I wish I was better at doing things in parallel. I will try to speed up tho'. Time just sorta fly out of my hands right now. Mmg x terkejarkan waktu tu. It sucks when you can't get your words out right.

As for Hubs, he's enrolled himself in a skilled course at Swathmore Community Centre, so he's got classes now for two mornings in a week. Best gile la tempat utk adult learning centre ni, ada mcm2 course, dgn harga yg sgt2 murah sbb ada subsidi drpd Govt kot. Imagine, from Hairdressing, to Spanish, to QiGong, to Ballroom Dancing, to Still Life Art (nude models included!), to Flower Arranging, to Bricklaying, and even Motorcycle Repairing! Haish, kalo la aku yg jadi surirumah sepenuh masa ikut suami belajar pon mmg bykkkkkkk la courses yg aku ikut hehehe... It's good for Hubs tho', sbb ni la peluang dia mingle and mix with the community, along with getting new skills as well.

Even the lil one is not being spared of this new breeze of change. Memandangkan Hubs have plans for two out of seven days a week, Aisyah is now left for 2 hours under the care of our friend (Mal, isteri Wak), whilst we are away. I was very anxious of how she will be when we leave her, coz she has never been left without either of us around in the UK, but syukur Alhamdulillah, to my surprise, Mal ckp she was like an angel. X nangis pon dari start kena tinggal, sampai la Hubs amik. Mal masak, Aisyah ikut gi dapur masak and main tupperware. X sentuh pon pinggan2 kaca (mcm kat umah la hehe). Mal bg biskut, Aisyah makan. Mal psg TV, Aisyah tgk. Syukur sgt2. Harapnya mmg kekal la mcm tu. I was expecting the worst, I suppose. Sama2 la berdoa agar Aisyah behave ye.

We're not looking into nurseries just yet. Maybe after she turns two. But it looks like she's okay by being left on her own, so hopefully she will be ready for nursery when time comes. Tinggal korek duit je la yeeeee :)

Weatherwise, this morning it snowed heavily. The heaviest I've seen in Plymouth, and the heaviest I've personally experience as far as I can remember. Even the snowflakes are really huge and chunky, bkn la sebesar hama spt selalu nya, heck they are even visible on pics! And it snowed again this evening just now, almost blizzard-like. It's very, very nice. Snow takes the negativity away and changes it into something so much more positive, such as a grumpy 'Blimey, it's effing cold in here' into a sweet 'Oh my Goodness, it's so beautiful!' So let's hope the positive vibes are here to stay. Enjoy the pics that follow.

I must say it's been a good start to 2010. I pray that it only gets better after this. Semoga Allah berkati usaha dan pengorbanan kami jua, Insya Allah...



isabelle said...

i could 'feel' the vibe!

wish i could be there one day.
anyway, this morning, a colleague told me that most likely next year, they might not allow us to do PhD abroad anymore :(


.M.A.M.A.D.A.N.I.S.H. said...

slm Oyis..

mmg ssh kan nk bgn pg2..saya pun ada mslh camtu..hehe..:)

Oyis said...

we are always going to hear the saying that 'quota dah habis' and mmg bisa bikin hati gundah, but don't get dispirited . byk2 kan berdoa, dan berusahalah dari skrg to find a good ranking institution (when the quota is tight, they normally look at rankings plak kan). insya Allah peluang tu masih ada. will be praying for you :)

tersgt la bermasalah. tp kena gagahkan jua. pkl 5.30 pon 5.30 la, drpd pkl 7.30 haha (musim winter ni subuh sampai pkl 8.15 pg)

Mummy Harith Hannah said...

Owh, Aisyah your fren jaga ehh? Ingatkan hantar nursery. Tapi, mesti risau terlebih2 juga kan, belum 2 tahun pon lagi, mesti susah nak caya kat sapa2 pon.

Alhamdulillah, kedua2 nya okey, bbsitter baik, aisyah pon good girl. Lagipon, kejap jerr tue Oyis, untuk 2 jam ajer. Shud be fine! ;)

Oyis said...

mummy h&h:
a ah, kawan yg tolong jagakan. nak hntr nursery mcm belom masa yg sesuai la rasanya. Insya Allah bila dia dah 2 years plus nak hntr la.

Tu la, Alhamdulillah dia nak plak dgn org. Selama ni mmg susah, asyik bertepekkkkk je dgn ibu. Mungkin dia tahu kot keadaan dah mmg susah, x de sapa dah lg bole jaga, so nak x nak kena la independent hehehe... moga2 berterusan la begitu, jgn hari ni ok, esok KO dah le.. pening ibu ayah dibuat nya hehehe