Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturday Morning Meet Up

Had a really early start to today's Saturday morning. The whole clan went out to have breakfast together at a very neat Kelantanese restaurant. The choice of food was superb, so needless to say, everyone had a really good time catching up. Good time, good company, good food, good health, what more can you ask for?

After everyone was done with breakfast, we all took the kids to the playground across the road. The kids loved it! What a way to burn off all that fried chicken (yes, we have fried chicken in the morning in Malaysia, with rice, and iced tea, and fish curry, and whatever else... anything goes, seriously!) 

Now that was some awesome time with family :)



Unknown said...

Aisyah nampak sangat 'kakak besar' dalam gambar ni :)

Oyis said...

hehe.. sejak kena mengasuh adik, mmg nmpk jgk la bakat 'kakak' dia tu hihi