Monday, June 16, 2014

Labour of Love

This date, six years ago, my life changed completely. 17 June 2008 was the day I became a Mom. Aisyah Nurzahirah was born and it was one of the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. To be honest, I get goosebumps just reminiscing about that moment. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for granting me the chance to feel what being loved unconditionally by another human being feels like. I pray that I haven't failed my children in any way.

To mark this momentous day, we decided to pack a little something for Aisyah to take with her to school tomorrow so that she feels excited and honoured by celebrating with her friends. All fifty three of them *faints*. No biggie, just some treats in a goody bag for each kid to take home with, but still, all that bending over on the cold floor is starting to have its effect on me. Which explains why I am still up at 2 am. I was working on them goody bags since 11 pm, and now I'm just too pumped up to sleep, so I'd thought I'd blog instead.

So, this ladies and gentlemen, it's the labour of love. In the name of love, we mothers do everything we can to make our lil ones happy. I sure hope Aisyah will be in ecstasy once she sees these as she wakes up tomorrow morning.

Happy 6th Birthday, darling! May you forever stay happy and healthy, and in Allah's blessing always... I love you more and more everyday (although it doesn't seem so to you sometimes - the constant nagging, the endless 'not now's, allegedly favouring baby Zayd most of the time, etc etc - I'm sorry! I'm a firstborn too, so I know you think life is not fair, but it 's not true. I love you forever more, chocolate bunny! *kiss*



Mama Zharfan said...

Happy 6th Bday Aisyah!! time really flies :) :) rasa mcm awal2 baca blog u dulu..she was just a lil baby ;)

Oyis said...

a ah kak MZ. dah 6 thn pun. kdg2 rasa rindu tgk gmbr2 lama masa dia baby... dah besar rupanya dia... (dan dah makin tua rupanya kita huhu)