Thursday, April 17, 2014

Together, Minus One

Hari ni my Dad, my two brothers and myself congregated together.

It would have otherwise seemed like such a nice gathering. But only if you knew...

Hari ni weols berkumpul ke Pejabat Tanah. Utk uruskan peninggalan arwah Umi. A sad day, especially soalan2 Tuan Hakim yg very detailed, kena relive it all over again.

Terkejut jg, because I'd thought it was going to be some simple signing off thing, but it was a very formal occasion la jgk. Kena tutup fon, angkat sumpah, declare everything blah blah yada yada ya. One case at a time masuk Bilik Perbicaraan tu. So that was an experience, although not a happy one, at least it wasn't an unpleasant one. The wait pon x lama, bcoz they gave you a time and date to appear before them. Bkn walk-in. So that's that lah.

Oh just in case anyone thinks I am a few RM richer, no lahhh... I am the only female daughter, so by Fara'id, it's almost nothing. Plus my mom was a full time homemaker. She didn't earn money. Posessions pun x de. Semua yg hakim tu tanya, 'kereta? motor? saham?' Semua yilek. Alhamdulillah for this. At least she will not be accountable of any mismanagement of her wage di Akhirat nanti, for she had none masa di dunia. Thus it was very simple process. Xde hutang, x byk peninggalan. Makes me wonder about my own life. Can I say the same? More like byk hutang (rumah, PTPTN, SLAB, bond UPM), x byk peninggalan, huhu.... (so far lah)... mudah2an cpt terlangsai semuanya before masa dah x de...


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