Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hang On, I Have A Blog?

Apparently I do. Nyaris lupa dah. Almaklumlah, last entry bertarikh 26 February. Dkt 2 bulan tuh. Tsk...

I even missed an entry utk Zayd's 1 year old birthday! *gasp*

I am getting crappier at posting entries. It's not me, it's my jobs. Yes jobs. Between mothering, teaching, research, supervising, reviewing, reading, marking, note making, yada yada yaaa.... just didn't have much energy left for blogging. Seriously, by the end of each day, I am sapped out completely.

Anyway just a quick one to spark the old 'flame' back. Let's hope I get my blogging mojo back.

Cos to be honest, I miss blogging.

Even Hubs misses my writing *double gasp* 

He's actually mentioned that it would be a nice thing to document Zayd's progress like I had with Aisyah. This coming from a man who'd always sindir2 'Eii... tekunnya dia tulis tesis' whenever he saw me buat entry.

Wellll... dah laki minta wajiblah turut, kan...? Taat la katakan hehehe...

Anyway, testing the waters dulu. Insya Allah nak istiqamah pas ni.

Ok nak tido. Maybe I should write smaller chuncks, but update daily. Hmm...


Oh, I almost forgot. One exciting piece of news to share: Zayd is mobile. Vertically.

Yup, my little man has started walking. At 13.5 months, he can confidently walk around the house and out). 13 months is roughly the age that his sister started walking too.


Zayd and Aisyah. Chummy brother and sister. Zayd is seen hairstyling his big sister's wet hair. Both fresh from the bath at 8 a.m. last Sunday morning. Too early, kids!!!!

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