Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Errands

Hari ni ada byk errands. Awal2 pg lg my task was to wait for the delivery guys to send our computer desk to our house whilst Hubs went out working. Beli desk ni last Friday, impromptu je sebenarnya, and it was a real bargain at only GBP20! Hubs la yg beria suruh beli, sbb Hubs kata I needed to have a more conducive place to study, i.e. in the bed room where there are no TVs, no noise, no distractions from Aisyah, etc., if I were to work from home more often.

Before this I made do with the dining table in the living room. Mmg x kondusif langsung, but you gotta play with the cards you are dealt with la kan sometimes? Anyway, I reckon since Hubs has also started 'going back to school' since the start of the year, he's also got assignments and such, and probably realized that we indeed, needed a better spot to study. So around 9-ish the delivery guys came, and delievered this. What do you think?

At 11 am I went to Uni. Blimey ada byk benda nak dibaca, byk yg DAH dibaca pon, but nothing relevant. Thank Goodness for speed reading! So x la terbazir byk sgt masa on things that are of little importance to me at the time being. I am never going back to my old reading self yg baca satu paper pon, 2 hari nak abis, just bcoz I didn't understand the content and believed that my comprehension would improve if I'd gone slower. Anyways, I still have tonnes of reading to do, AND I need to crack my head at finding the suitable model to base my concatenative system on. On top of it, I've got a seminar to present this Friday, which means I gotta put aside time to do my slides.

A chunck of my time today was spent browsing for a suitable paper, and fixing the network connection between my laptop and my networked printer in the lab. Just when you wanted to work super fast, teeny weeny stuff like this happened. Grrr... Dah la nak print byk2, hari2 lain okeh je... For some reason it didn't read the device, but I really needed to print this good thesis. I have read the thesis again and again, but on the screen, and I felt that I needed to have it in front of me big time now, so in the end, I managed to fix whatever the problem was in the first place, and I printed all 300 pages of it. Guilt-less sekali. Hehe. Lama tau nak dpt courage print byk2 sekaligus ni. Dpt hari ni buat don't know sahaja la ye, terpaksa muahahahha! Pastu ada dekat setengah jam aku (comb) binding thesis tu. Sdn Bhd, okeh, dekat Media Section in the Library. Dgn ada 2 plastic covers and hard cover tu, baru kena 55 pence. Hehe. Kalo gi kedai konfem dah dkt GBP2. Jimat, jimat....

Dlm pkl 2.30 balik umah, gi bawa Aisyah ke klinik. Aisyah had an appointment to get her swine flu vaccination done. Aku rasa bersyukur sbb kat negara org ni dia dah release vaccination tu pada those yg vulnerable, i.e. small children and old age pensioners, plus those who are high-risk such as pregnant women, for FREE lg. Hopefully she is spared from this nasty virus, Aminnn... At least lps ni if we have to travel (which we are!), we don't need to be so nervous about her catching the virus, hopefully. Kat klinik bukan main ligat lg dia, nasib baik x nangis masa kena injek, sbb dah bribed awal2 dgn sticker... hehe

Balik rumah, hari pon dah ptg, no point pegi lab. 'I best make use of this desk then', I figured. Mula2 I was a bit hesitant at the idea of spending 20 quid on the desk, coz I don't know whether I will make full use of it, since I'd rather just go to the lab. But ... when Hubs kemas2, and we bought a mini halogen desk lamp at only GBP4 at Wilkos while we were out just now, it totally transformed the dull looking desk into this cool, contemporary work station (at least to my eyes lah!). As of right now dah hias2 sket2 with books, photo frames, and stationaries, and it totally looks inviting utk study. Terus naik smgt and start blogging studying.

Doakan agar investment x seberapa dlm desk ni memberikan pulangan yg besar ye. Semoga dpt la juga aku buat study dgn lebih maju jaya nya dgn perubahan yg kecil ini, Insya Allah...

"Dear Allah,
Please grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change,
the strength to change the things that I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference between the two..."

Off to study now. Qadha' balik masa yg digunakan utk keluar bawa Aisyah gi klinik td ptg.


NM said...

cantikla desk u..white colour!!!sukenye...i pn tengah berkira2 nak invest money beli desk ngan bookcase ni..sakit mata tengok buku yg besepah kt rumah tu..hehehe

#Breath-Holding Spells

Liyana said...

Ye... mari kita sama-sama memotivasikan diri sendiri dengan membeli alat bantu belajar :)

Oyis said...

invest jgn x invest hehe...

alat bantu belajar nya dah beli. tggal nak paksa diri belajar je la ni :P

Anonymous said...


kat mana beli desk tu? brand or pattern apa? argos kah?



Anonymous said...

alamak...suka la oyis...beli kat mana nih? i like!!!

same like aisyah's question pattern ape? argos kah?

Oyis said...

aisyah & anon:
alamak, sowi la yg ni kedai asal nya i x tau kat mana. kitaorg beli kat British Heart Foundation nyer charity shop hehe... Hubs la suka sgt design dia, dia kata ada desk and cabinet combo, and dia x pernah jumpa lg mcm ni. siap pikir mcm mana nak bawak balik msia nih esok2 (aiyooo... penangan menolong org packing2 brg ke dlm kontena la tuh 2,3 hari sblm tu hehehe). rupanya ok jgk taste laki aku nih dlm membeli perabot ye? I je x perasan pon almari ni langsung masa kat kedai tu. But right now I'm slowly falling in love with it. Ni pon wat typing whilst sitting at the very desk :)

so once again, ladies, I'm sorry I can't help you out there :(

sumpit said...

mcm best kan shopping barang2 kat uk.
meja cun pon murah!

kat sini apa best pon tatau.
org german sendiri kata barang2 sume mahal... :(

Oyis said...

eh beskal ko murah apa? sini beskal used pon ratus2 pound la huhu... eh i tot sana muarh2 jgk? didn't u buy a waffle maker, etc, etc yg used coz u said it was cheap? bkn kah?