Friday, January 15, 2010

Clearer Mind Equals Happier Being

I realized that in the last post, I kinda pictured Aisyah in the wrong light. Maybe sbb dia sakit gigi so dia extra clingy, and maybe jg sebab diri sendiri pon penat and stressed, every little thing ticked me off. But after a few hours of solid rest and a peace of mind, it's amazing how you will begin to see things differently!

All day long yesterday she behaved herself well beyond expectation. Start dari pagi, bgn x de masalah, then masa Hubs tinggalkan dia kat rumah Mal pun x nangis. Aisyah handled it very maturely and professionally. Siap salam and bye bye Ayah dia lg. Impressive, memandangkan this was only her second time under the care of someone other than her parents. In fact, first day hari tu pon dia x nangis. I had really thought that she was going to be crying her lungs out, but again, I was just being super-anxious. And when we picked her up at 1 pm, Mal ckp, Aisyah enjoyed playing 'masak2' dgn Mal all morning and did not kicked up any fuss. That's my girl! Perhaps my little baby is really ready for nursery.

Pastu lom sampai rumah lg dah tertido dlm stroller (like the 1st day). Padahal rumah Mal ngan rumah kitaorg is only a 10 minutes walk. And like last time, she slept through until 3 pm. Oleh itu, x dpt la pergi Rhymetime nyer session smlm like we do every Thursday.

So we decided to go out after Maghrib (Maghrib is at 4.40 pm skang) to walk about in town and then singgah Sainsbury's to get a few items that needed replenishing. My goodness, in those jeans and new pair of shoes (Puma, dah naik jd saiz 5 dah kaki dia!), she looked well over 2 years old!

Cheeky Aisyah was super helpful at the checkout line too. Pastu rajin menegur sapa semua org, everyone had to do a double take and smiled. And then siap bye2 dkt cashier, dkt security semua, saying 'Daiiii...' (Bye).

Moments like these, is totally worth the bad day, the tantrums, the restless nights and all... (Oh, and yes, it totally makes any mother feel guilty too, for having snapped and losing her patience in the first place!!!)


Lady of Leisure said...

have a nice weekend..

Ahmad Javanese said...

baik anak ko ek :D hehehe.

Oyis said...

Lady of Leisure:
you too, have a great weekend!

heh. time mood dia molek, mmg la. cuba time dia mengamuk, aiyooo...