Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Majlis Perpisahan Mael n Eton

It's so unlike me to abandon this blog for a couple of days in a row. Even on my busiest of busiest days I would still try to update something. But this week has left me knackered, mostly bcoz we are adjustng to the new routines in our lives, which involves me, Hubs and Aisyah running around a little lot more than we used to. But all is good. Still considered as a positive breeze of change for 2010. Will blog about it later, but as for now, I'm putting pics of last Sunday's makan2 event, or more like a 'Parting Do' (Majlis Perpisahan) utk Mael, Eton and anak diorg Aqil. They are going back to Msia after 4 years and 3 months in Plymouth. For the time being, they are the longest staying or most senior la in term of sapa dtg dulu ke Plymouth, and has been the first postgrad family too. Before this, Malaysian students who came to Plymouth were all singleton.

The makan2 event was held at Baba's Indian Restaurant near Bretonside. The buffet spread was good, altho it was limited in my opinion. But still, everyone had fun and almost half of the restaurant was filled with just us! Begitu skali kitaorg sayangkan Mael sekeluarga. Even the weather was on our side, seolahnya dah spring, panas2 suam gitu.

I am sad that they're leaving. They have always been good frens, and offered us rides, or helped whenever they can. And Aqil and Aisyah have been best buds because of their close age gap, so I don't know if they already know what bye bye for now means, or whether they'll miss each other. One thing I know, I'll miss them for sure.


isabelle said...

people come and go.
xpe la..nnt bila2 leh jumpa lg.

Oyis said...

yup that's right. masa nak berpisah tu mmg la sedih, but life must go on kan. kita ni, bila nak bertemu ek? mesti havoc kalo dpt bersua face-to-face nanti chewah chewah :)