Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brush Your Teeth, the Aisyah Way

Busy, busy, busy. Cheh... mcm la org lain x busy kan. Tpnya tu la, rasa mcm time tu cpt je berlalu. A couple of days ni aku spent on heavy duty reading. Sbnarnya nak cari supporting articles yg bole aku guna utk proceed dgn idea aku. Wallahu a'lam Prof setuju ke x, perjumpaan this Friday. Apa pon, 'ammo' kena cukup sblm pergi bertarung, so tu psl la meja dah jadi mcm apa je dlm gmbr di atas, evidence aku busy gile la kata kan...

Sbb aku busy, Aisyah take over jap slot blogging aku nih ok. In English lg, don't prey prey... woh woh!


[Aisyah narrates: Todays topic is on the subject of 'Brushing Your Teeth - the Aisyah Way'.

[1] First off, get a hold of a toddler-sizes toothbrush.

Mine is blue, despite the obvious fact that I am a girl, because I have lost the pink, the yellow, the green and the orange ones already, and my Ibu just about had enough of replacing my toothbrush every so often. Ngeee (",) Oh, be sure to put a pea-sized tooth paste on it too, ok? Yummy... I know la, coz I've tasted a lot of it already, you know?

[2] Start brushing like so. Up, down, all around.

Ain't I a pro?

[3] When you're done with your teeth, do brush your nearest toys too.

You know, your teddy, your dolly, even your bicycle deserves a nice shine. Get them all sparkly clean!

[4] Stop immediately with the toy brushing upon hearing your Mom approaching.

One trick is to make her stare into those big, wide, innocent eyes of ours. Konfemmm cair!

[5] Before she has a chance to start yakking, in the speed of lightning, pick yourself up and dart in front of her whilst saying, 'Tra la laaa, my teeths are cleaned!', on the top of your lungs.

That will ensure that she wouldn't get a chance to open her mouth at all, coz if she didn't already have a heart attack when she first saw you brushing your toys and carpet, she will most definitely now. Hehe..

And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I have to replace my toothbrush every 2 weeks.


NM said...

hahaha...toys dia pn nk gosok gigi sama...

lin muhamad last post..#NOW EVERYONE CAN COOK..no more excuse k!

3yearshousewife said...

Hehehe, children... they always have their ways of doing things.
My twins used their toothbrushes to brush the bath tub...

Oyis said...

tu la psl... mana x kena tukar berus je selalu huhu...

nasib baik diorg berus bath tub, kak. buatnya diorg berus toilet bowl terus, aiyo! hihi... pntg lepa je kan budak2 ni

3740Journal said...

pandainyer..i sekarang agak susahla nak suruh airyll gosok gigi. sampai kene paksa tau. gigi dahla dah banyak. suke minum benda manis cth vitagen. nanti kang takut rosak.. aduss