Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plymouth Lord Mayor's Day 2012

19/5/2012 yg lps merupakan sambutan Lord Mayor's Day di Plymouth. Celebration ini diadakan annually, consisting of lots of stalls, booths, concerts, programs for young ones, and also the most anticipated parade. I think I've blogged about it the previous years, so kali ni just bubuh gambar je la ek.

[1] Mula2 gi Roland Levinsky crosspoint. Kat foyer bgnan ni ada mcm2 stalls. I really like that the Uni works together with the community bila ada festival2 mcm ni. Kat Msia mcm payah, and believe me, sbb I grew up dlm area Universiti, and parents still live dlm area close to universiti to this date, but our Unis kat Msia mcm susah nak open door to the community. Tp aku faham, open sgt kang, mula la hilang laptop, projektor dsb nya. What a shame kan?

[2] Geng2 tgh get ready. From top to bottom (1) Heritage Society, (2)  Plymouth Uni Jazz Band , (3) Samba, (4) miscellaneous other clubs getting ready outside

[3] Sempat masuk bubble. Layan jgn x layan pameran itu semua...

[4] Kat town org dah cari port nak tgk procession

[5] Tiba2 feeling romantik plak di tgh panas

[6] Pada hari yg sama, Larian Obor Olimpik London 2012 sedang berlangsung. So larian tu secara live tunjuk di skrin besar. Pada masa ni larian dah sampai Truro from Lands End, dan dijangka sampai Plymouth at 7 pm.

[8] Parade pon bermula!

[9] Someone was super-excited here!

Ok those are all the pics I have to share. We didn't stay long after the parade, sbb nak balik solat. Shows and games were still running until 4 pm though. Anyway, we went back to solat and rest, sbb ptg nanti nak kuar lg sambut the Olympic Torch Relay Torch Bearer's arrival in Plymouth. But that's for another entry lah ye. Stay tuned ;)


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wow seronok nye..... so sweet femly...

Oyis said...

@yunid@ti: thank you! :)