Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Training for Sports Day

This was me spying on Zayd and his kindy mates. They were practising for an upcoming Sports Day. Zayd seems relaxed here, and chats away with his friends. He is a very friendly boy and loves to socialize. He is not one to be shy, and can get too over boisterous at times, as mentioned by his teachers. I hope in due time he learns how to control his enthusiasm without getting himself in trouble for being too loud or too hyper. He hasn't shown much athleticism, although I know he can run quite fast for a five year old, if he wants to. As expected, he typically gets distracted while running in the field and thinks it's all a joke, laughing and being silly all the way. Oh dear. How the teachers have such patience to deal with all this, I have no idea!

I hope he does his best this Sunday.

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