Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ayna is 6 months!!!

Dear Lord, where has the time gone??!!

I have been so bad at updating. Ayna has now celebrated her half birthday a couple of days ago. She was born on September 29, 2017, so on March 29, 2018, she turned six months! Alhamdulillah....

She is an expert now at rolling and commando crawling. Fell off the bed twice, so far. Luckily, our bed is only a foot high (purposely bought this design when we remodeled the house in 2015, for the sake of the children, and future children). She's already eating. Without a shame I admitted to giving her instant baby food (Cerelac, Heinz and Farleys), but have also tried homemade puree food as well such as sweet potatoes and what she'd just had for dinner tonite, potatoes. She has a habit of asking for adult food when adults are eating, bless her. So she's had tiny pieces of bread, pizza, ikan patin goreng, watermelon and the likes. This one is not a picky eater. She'll eat anything, even paper (an episode where she chewed an envelope and while I did try to retrieve chuncks that went into her mouth, I saw a tiny bit that was too far back near her throat. Alas, she swallowed and that was that. Hubs reckons she gets it from me, because when I was pregnant this time I ate A LOT. Haha. Breastfeeding is still going strong and she takes EBM with no fuss from a bottle. She now likes to stick her bum in the air or get on all four. I think in a matter of a week or two, she'll start to crawl. And at her 6 months appointment last week, she weighed 6.8 kg. Tiny compared to her siblings at her age, but this one sure wins when it comes to speed!

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