Sunday, March 1, 2015

Zayd Is Two years Old

Alhamdulillah Ahmad Zayd Alhadi turns two today.

1 Mac 2013, jam 12.33 tghari, lahirlah anakanda aku yg kedua dgn selamatnya. Rasa mcm dah lama jg dah bersalin tu, tp memori hari tu mmg Insya Allah tak akan dilupakan.

At 2 years old, mcm2 Zayd dah pandai buat. He is generally a sweet kid, ready to love, kiss and joke. He still loves his 'susu' (menyusu badan). He runs fast, loves football, and from the looks of it, has a knack at 'mengelecek' bola and his kicks are not too bad, if I can say so myself. 

He is a fan of Upin Ipin, Boboiboy and Ultraman. He's quite used to using mobile devices, and watches these shows on them. He can play one or two computer games, like bowling and basketball, but his favourite is by far BasketMania which he calls 'Yo! Baling'.

Even before he enters the 2 y.o. zone, he has already shown that he has mastered the 'Tantrum Two' stage. Although it can be emotionally draining for me, I take it positively by assuming that he is mature beyond his age hehe...

Having conversation with Zayd is such a pleasure. His vocab is vast for a two-year-old, is not pelat, and is in context. Most of the time, he is polite, will Salam an adult if asked to do so, and always says his 'Terima Kasihs'. Sometimes lps ckp terima kasih, dia ckp 'Sama-sama' juga, sendiri ckp sendiri jawab, the polite boy that he is hehe... Masuk rumah he will give his Salams too, kdg2 jawab sekali. He's been caught singing several times too, notably songs from Upin Ipin such as the 'Lagu Boria'. Mari semuaaaa... 

He loves water so much, that every bath time it's a struggle to get him out of the bathroom. Same goes when we go swimming or to any waterpark. He is happy to stay in the water dari pagi sampai closing hours. Penangan mengandungkan dia terlajak lebih air ketuban kot - causing him to float atop always dalam uterus, the reason why I had to have an elective c-section sbb Dr knew Zayd would not go down the birth canal sbb dia terapung.

Oh Zayd, Mummy feels so blessed to have you. I pray that you grow up to be Hamba Allah yg soleh, taatkan ibubapa, bijak, berjaya dan berguna dunia akhirat. Semoga Allah lanjutkan usia Zayd dalam keberkatanNya, dan jadikanlah Mummy ibu yg sabar dan berhemah menangani challenges parenting a boy :)

This year, a little less No and a little more OK ye. And to wean off BFing. Plus to sleep early sket ye Zayd. And somewhere this year we have to fit in toilet training too. Two is such a great age. His independence and personality show a bit more, but is still cute and cuddly to carry around. Hehe.

Happy Birthday Ahmad Zayd Alhadi. I love you so much!!!

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