Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saya Sayang Ibu Saya

I saw Aisyah's handwriting on her memo pad which she uses to scribble and doodle earlier today. 

It says, "Saya sayang Ibu saya". 

 How sweet!!! 

And although she doesn't know it, her wish couldn't have been more timely for it is Mothering Sunday (oe Mother's Day as we all know it) in the UK. I've written long, long ago about how the UK celebrates Mother's Day every third Sunday of the month of March, as opposed to the USA's May celebration of the same occasion which we are more accustomed to in Malaysia. 

Thankyou very much, Aisyah. I am so proud of you, especially since your spelling and handwriting have improved so much over the years. 

I love you with all my heart too, Sweet Pea.

PS: Below are some other notes she has written in her small memo pad. Perhaps she is suggesting something there but it never got picked up by her Dad? We should've ate out, ordered Carbonara, chicken chop and mashed potatoes with Milo Ais and Teh O Ais, and rounded it off with vanilla and chocolate icecream. Not bad for a Mother's Day treat, Aisyah!

PS2: Clearly she needs to polish her spelling at this stage, but her phonics are already in place and her writing is neat, Alhamdulillah.