Monday, March 12, 2012

Nak Bet?

Presenting, Aisyah, who will be singing the Oliver Twist, I bet you a penny you can't do this (a nursery rhyme she learnt at school).

Oliver, Oliver Twist,

I bet you a penny you can't do this.

No 1, no 1 --- touch your thumbs,
No 2, no 2 --- touch your shoes,
No 3, no 3 --- touch your knees,
No 4, no 4 --- knock on the door (knock knock knock)
No 5, no 5 --- do a jive,
No 6, no 6 --- pick up sticks,
No 7, no 7 --- point to Heaven,
No 8, no 8 --- climb up the gate,
No 9, no 9 --- walk in a line,
No 10, no 10 --- get down and up and do it again!

PS: Tanda2 busy, kita post vid anak je wakil entry bole? hehe...


kak ty said...

cute aisyah! smile!

Oyis said...

hehe.. thanks kak ty. dia fasa suka sengih kat kamera skang ni. cukup didikan bab tu hehe