Friday, December 9, 2011

I Hope You Get Better Soon

My little bumble bee is still unwell. Alhamdulillah, we managed to squeezed in an appointment with the GP yesterday, and despite the typhoon-like wind and rain, I managed to haul the two of us up the hill to her GP in Mutley, for the 10 a.m. appointnment. Although the Dr was less-than-friendly like last time (we got a differene Dr, who kept answering, "Up to you, you are the boss, I am not going to tell you how to raise you child", whenever I asked simple questions like, 'Does Aisyah need to say home or can she go to school?' or 'Would taking her out for fresh air better or making it worst?' - very odd punya Dr mcm x nak held accountable pon ada), but he did prescribed Aisyah with antibiotics (that was a first, sbb kat UK susah nak dpt antibiotik ni), which I pray to God hopefully it works. Please, please keep the doas coming as she is still throwing up about 3 times a day, and refuses to eat sampai perut pon masuk angin and kembung. Dah satu hal nak urut perut kasi buang angin plak.

She has been on/off sick since Sunday night, so naturally, I am worried. At times dia OK, we managed to dart off to school to attend her Xmas fair and Xmas Lunch (will blog about them later), but ada masa dia rasa off balik, maka menangis2 la jg. I am sad and worried, and nevermind that I have lagged behind so much with work.

I pray that my little girl get well soon. And I hope you'll pray with me too on this lovely Friday.

PS: Gmbr di atas masa dia OK sket. Tp kalo OK kan pon at most for 2 hours je kot, then dtg balik her feverishness tu. Kalo x OK biasa nya mmg x bole senyum2, monyok je :(


Anonymous said...

Hope she get well soon. Biasalah tu penyakit di kala winter...she will recover in a week time, InsyaAllah.

ida =) said...

get well soon. btw, comelnya ur bumble bee tu :)

miSs inTerpReted said...

aiyoo...the doctor tu. sabar je la!

anyway, i think fresh air would be good for her! entahlah. I selalu time2 winter ni tak buka tingkap. So, if sakit ke, mesti i psiko yang the germs or virus tu tak keluar and hence, buat i rasa going out for fresh air would be good. hihi.

Oyis said...

thanks all. Alhamdulillah Aisyah is back to her bubbly self. and yes, it did take 1 full week to pass.

sabb: i rasa betul kot. i pon slalu buka tingkap winter2 ni, nak kasi virus tu kuar (or mati sbb sejuk, hehe psycho), but also utk cpt keringkan kain baju yg berserayut tersidai ni