Monday, October 22, 2007

Prolog Part 3 - Faint Line of Positive

Trying to get life back in order after the one week trip to Kelantan made me forget that it was that time of the month again. Add in another excitement where the a potential supervisor from Plymouth U had agreed on taking me as his student next April, I was elated enough to not think much about anything else.

When I finally did notice, I was two days late, on a Saturday morning. I decided to try a pack of really expensive HPT stick that I had stashed away some time ago which claimed to work 'four days before a missed period'. Surely if there's anything in my belly, the stick would be able to show it with no problem, right? So pee I did.

After 10 minutes, I came to inspect the pee stick. Yup, just as I thought, a nega... what a minute, is that a, could it really be a... positive? If I squinted really hard, I could sorta see the positive, but with a stick that claimed to work 4 days in advance, and here I was two days late already, surely the line would've been darker, right? I mean, even with my very first pregnancy the line on the cheapo test stick was so dark there was no doubt about it.

Confused, I shoved the stick under Hubs' nose so that he could inspect it. He confidently declared it a positive. 'I told you you were pregnant', he'd said in his most non-chalant tone, staring back at the TV like it was no biggie. To me, it a was a REAL biggie, bcoz it the 20the October, a very memorable date. It was my previous pregnancy's last menstrual period (LMP). It was too much of a coincidence and I just couldn't take it.

Feeling even more confused than before taking the test and convinced that I'd been ripped off by the lying, expensive test stick, I quickly put it away and started making breakfast. 'No point in thinking too much about it now when the hcg level is probably too low -- if there's any hcg in my system to begin with', I reasoned.

On Monday, we went to a local clinic in Bangi to have the test repeated. The result was inconclusive. What? Even the Dr couldn't tell if it was a positive or a negative, and this was four days after a missed period. He prescribed pre-natal vits just to be on the safe side and off we went, leaving me feeling even more confused than ever.

I guess the excitement of replying e-mails back and forth with my potential SV helped me put things away, and I survived the last day of the week without taking another test. Aunt Flo was still nowhere to be seen, though. Friday morning, Hubs had asked me to take another HPT, just for the fun of it. I rolled my eyes but obliged. This time, I dug out a really cheapo stick and tested. And the result was ....

Yup, within seconds the positive line appeared. I was, at that point, pregnant. Alhamdulillah....

So that was how th journey started. I would like to confess that I didn't write this straight away in this blog, in fact, this blog was only created when I'd already started my third trimester. At first, I wasn't sure I wanted to share this with the world, and for most part of the pregnancy, I was too lazy to write. However, I've kept a handwritten journal of all the important dates that happened during this nine month journey.

In the end, I thought, I WANT to type this down so that:

1) It can be a keepsake for life.
2) It will constantly serve as a reminder of the Almighty Allah of all His graciousness towards me
3) It can be a read for others out there who are starting the journey or are already on their very own journey to baby.

Please pray with us for a happy and healthy baby!

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